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  1. DCA First credt solutions using automated message ringing service and I received a call at 10.20 p.m. They said this was impossible as they closed at 8 p.m. I do not use my answering machine. They stated that they could not help it if a message was left at 12 p.m. and the service kept ringing. Surely they have control of their calls. I persisted with the statement that they called me at 10.20 at night and they chose to terminate the conversation which must be recorded . I cannot get any sense out of these people. They must use a separate company to do the calling. Tehy also use a sperate
  2. I do not believe I owe barclays any money . The debt is denied . The agreed the overdraft and then agreed to put in on loan in 2006 , Section 18 of the consumer credit act maintainas theat verbal agreemetns enters into a series of multiple agreement. The data acess report is full of errors and they tried to con me in to changing the product to get an new agreement , as they admit in the report that they would have great difficutly recovering their money if they did not . Tehy messed up my credit rating to keep control of the debt so I could not go elsewhere. I have made a goodwill gesture of
  3. Dear Hugg This is very useful information. Our poisition is slightly different but a mistakes was made way back. We are for the moment mving amicably with the revenue but on legal advice we could claim costs .Please keep me posted exit 3
  4. some of them are not the brightest on the block, I do wonder where they find them , but nevertheless we need to raise standards Exit 3
  5. Par for the course. check the landl registry as charging orders have changed Exit 3
  6. Agree, but once the monitoring is finished they will start again, and it should not just restricted to conversations ( see examples below) nor to DCA, it has also to be applicable the debt collecting department of banks where the individuals working there should be individualy licenced so that they would be subject to the same rules. If they break professional standards, they lose their jobs and licence. All DCA employees should also pass exams to give them the licence status at employee level. If they fail to meet professional standards, they also their jobs. The management would also run the
  7. It is ineffectual and under funded and needs more support from government with better interdisciplinary action from all the bodies avaialable, FO, FSA, IOS, and the OFT All information gathered by these organistation in a complainants case should be collated to create a single writ against the offending company or bank. They should all be working much closer together and the goverment must provide better funding. Also assistance should be given to complainants to prepare their file cases so that their chances of success would better, and it would assist in deciding their vialbilit
  8. Passing people on to another muppet ,as you so aptly call it is all part of the game . Back to my novice golfer, this time wearing a silly hat with a spike on top with a carousel ( to judge which way the wind blows) now just give them a pair of goofy glasses, and you have the apparent dumbo. Do not be fooled my friend , they may to may not have and original idea in their heads, they may just read a report saying, you are in the wrong industry according to Jo Bloggs, that great authority, and off with your head, we want you and everything about you off our books . This app
  9. I am confused with all the initials never was much good at shorthand can you clarify please Exit 3
  10. Ask them what they have sent you. It is up to you to them to tell them they must be able to list the information they have sent you for starters and why they cannot supply any information or documents. Exit 3
  11. This happened in Australia which follows the thread we have been discussing Quote "Court documents show the woman fell behind on her credit card payments when she lost her job, and began taking care of her disabled mother on a carer's pension. The writ shows the National Australia Bank sold her $5,000 debt to an agency, Accounts Control Management Services. It is alleged the agency made threatening calls, including claims that if she left the country she could not return without paying the debt. It is also alleged the agency lied to one of her friends to get her personal details.
  12. are you being pursued for a debt? you are confused and so are we Data protection Act Consumer credit Act and as amended in 2006 ( now checking) deals with unfair dealings as well which is this track exit 3 i Exit 3
  13. Sweet jane Thanks for the tip I shall - there was a press release on questions being asked in parliament following an article on LLoyd debt collecting practices , nothing different from any others- cover blown by undercover journalist. Will check of name of MP leading the questions -Sunday Times - have just checked it Andrew Mackinlay ( Thurrock Labour) others participating John Leech ( Manchester , whittington , Liberal democrat, Gareth Thomas ( minister ( also in the department of Business Enterprise and regulatory Reform , Department for international development , Harrow West ) lets
  14. I should not worry too much about that as the debt collections department in banks are expanding. Royal Bank of Scotland were advertising quite a senior job recently and mentioned the fact in the ad. Quick recovery and performance among the qualities required. However, no employer should ask an employee to committ an illegal act or breach professional standards, and the employee has every legal right to refuse. If fear is put into the employee for not complying the employee would have most probably have cause for remedy. If the employee does it anyway without authority
  15. Newspaper articles on google who keep your emails but cannot read them , check your internet habits , etc who has, where is your data, now the government is going to to the same, so if you write to your best friend and tell him/her about that b.....y a..........too rude to mention name at the bank- are you breaching the codes of relevant data by stating that fact to a third party in confidence?
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