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  1. Ahh thankyou very much.. I was on an emergency tax code (BR1), and so i guess il have to wait until the jobcentre send me my p60 form, so i can then send that off with my p45 part 1 to the tax office to claim the rebate. Does anyone know roughly when the jobcentre send out p60s though?? And 2ndly is there a deadline when they have to send it to you by?? Thankyou very much
  2. Its a rebate of the tax i paid through PAYE as income tax when i was working during the last financial year. As i earnt just under the £6,500 (including jsa income), but paid £1,076 in income tax, and so am owed a refund of that.
  3. Exactly. When i owed the government £300 in council tax they were chasing me everyday for it, giving me constant timelines and timescales about when they needed the money paid by and when what action would be taken if it wasn't... Yet now when they owe me over £1,100 they seem to know nothing at all about any timescales for paying it, or the process of what will happen if they don't repay it! Does anyone know what i can do to get this sorted out faster though please?? As no matter what scripted rubbish some idiot in a call-centre tells me about it going to take a few months more for all the info to be given to them, (even though according to him they dont deal in that info), I know for a fact that all the info and details required to assess my claim for a rebate i have right here now in my P45 part 1 & jsa payments record from jobcentre! And so all is needed is for me to be able to get face-to-face with someone, put these 2 documents infront of them, and then tell them to either pay me the money im owed, or tell me exactly what more documents they need to be given as proof that im owed that money. Does anyone know what action i can take now to force this through faster though please??
  4. Ive been unemployed since September and been on jsa. I am entitled to a tax rebate of £1,076, and had been told by the jobcentre staff that its paid automatically with the 1st jsa payment after 5th april. However when i phoned up the head office in hastings today to check if my tax rebate had been sent out along with the jsa that would have been paid to me this morning, i was told that their system is showing nothing about me getting a tax rebate!! And they told me to phone the tax office to sort it out with them. So i phoned my tax office this afternoon but the man just said that 'they the tax office' don't have any records about the amount of money people earn and how much they paid in tax... And so i will have to wait until both my previous employer and my jobcentre have sent in their ''employee-tax-details'' to the tax office, and then they will pay the rebate. When i asked him when this would be? He said June or July at the earliest, although it could be later. When i asked how could they the tax office now have the details about my income and tax, as they had been deducting tax from me based on my income, and so must know both those amounts unless they were doing it illegally. He just said ''Thats just how the system works, until the end of year tax records are submitted we have no details''. When i asked if me sending them part 1 of my p45 (which has all the details of my income that year and my tax paid) would help speed it up and get it sorted? As all the details thats they needed of my income that tax year and tax paid were on there. He just said that no, they would need parts 2 & 3 also. When i then said ''But the jobcentre have parts 2&3 of my p45, and will keep them until i get a job, so how would you the tax office get those 2 parts??'' He just said ''The jobcentre will send in those 2 parts when the time is right''. By this time i could tell that this man was just a clueless idiot who wasn't going to give me any clear helpful answers to get this sorted, and so i gaveup trying to get any help out of him. But does anyone know what parts of what he said are actually correct though please?? As the tax year ended 5th April, and so my tax rebate would be based ONLY on what id earnt before that date. *Its clear what i earnt that year, as it says on my p45 part 1 (which i can supply instantly) how much money i earnt that tax ear. *And its clear how much i got in jsa, as i get £50.95 per week, and so its just a case of multiplying the number of weeks ive got it for by that amount, and adding that to my income as stated on my p45 to see if i was under the tax threshold or not. So i don't understand what exactly is going to magically happen between now and June/July that will make that information any clearer to the Tax Office??
  5. Anyone heard anything yet?? Also does anyone know how i can get the bank to stop adding this stupid £35 per month charge while i wait?? I only even got taken over my overdraft because a £60 charge of theirs, which they then added more charges on because off, and which then just meant more. So now im just not going to pay anything till the house of lords confirms its illegal and we cna get our money back. But i wish there was some way i could force them to stop adding charges until than time, since they already know inside that they will have to pay them back themselves.
  6. why did you keep on making orders for the coins if you didnt plan on buying them?? While you may have been a very annoying little pest who wasted the company's time just because you dont have much of a life, no theres nothing that they can do to ''force you to pay'' for anything. Since unless you had paid for something upfront/given your card details, then they wouldnt have bought anything for you since they know theres always that odd idiot out there whos just a time waster. Its just like when you go to a travel agent to book a holiday, they can find you the package deal that you say you want and so can give you an invoice bill for what that holiday will cost, but they arent gna book you in for it unless and untill you actually pay them the cash for it!
  7. :eek::( So when will the house of lords stop poncing around and just say ''ok enough of this letting banks making a mockery of the legal system, we are giving our decison NOW, and so it comes into affect from NOW??
  8. sigh Well im not putting any money into my halifax account, which will now be overdrawn dute to the £35 they took out as charges last month for me going a few pence overdrawn 2weeks before for 1day. So i wonder how much they will have piled on in charges by october when the final ruling finally comes!
  9. Im sure everyone on here as well as millions of people around the country all feel the same as me that this being dragged through every court in the country for nearly 3years now has just gotten totally ridiculous n abusrd, and completely beyond a joke now!! :mad: The banks have lost to OFT, lost in Court of Appeal, and now losing in the House of Lords. (Unless they take this to the European courts, which i extremely doubt they will as that would cause them even more problems as all the european customers who they have done over would then be reclaiming to, if they arent going to be able to under the house of lords decision), then this is the end of the plank for the banks, and when the house of lords decison is given theres absoluetly no other routes that the banks can go down at all, as it will then be going into criminal territory if they still start trying to ''unlawfully appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it''. But so does anyone know what the actual date is that the house of lords are going to reach and give their final final decision about this?? Thanks
  10. Hi and thanks for all your help. I did findout on friday evening through the moneysavingexpert forum that i will only get £360 per month cos im under 25, and this really really shook me up alot! As even with the £155 itd still be very tough, as rent for a cheap tiny studio flat in the area i live, which is the cheapest within a 60miles radius of here, is still always gna be over £600 per month. (Mine is £675) And whne i include basic basic food n drink £28 per week (130p/m), internet n tv and stuff, and basic travel of £5 per week, the total living cost is £950. So ive got to find a way of getting £400 per month without working, untill i cant get a job that pays over £1,000 per month after tax.
  11. applied for housing benefits on the 2nd Febuary. They wrote back asking for all bank statements for last 3months for each one, tenancy agreement, national insurance card (that they lost but denied losing), phone bill, birth certificate. I sent this all to them and they wrote back on the 13th Feb confirming that they had recieved it. I waited for about 5days but no letter back saying ''Ok we have seen that you are unemployed, have no money in your bank, and that you are paying rent, so payment will start from now...'' *So on 19th i phoned them and aksed what the status was, they said system was down. *I called them on monday after weekend, they said system still down. *Called tuesday, they said they are gna process it. *gave them wednesday n thursday, checked today friday 27th Febuary inmy post box but no letter there, phoned them up to ask what status is and they say they are 'processing it still', and i shoukd check next week'. I do understand that the system may be busy cos of all the people that are losing jobs now but this is just getting ridiculous now as its been nearly 1month since i applied, and has been 2weeks since i gave them all the doucments that they asked for. So if all the articles that ive seen on the net are still correct then legally they should have to pay me an 'interim payment' now, unless they can give a clear reason why i wont be able to qualify for housing benefit. I emailed them during the week asking for it but they just totally ignored my emails! My rent was due on 23rd, ive had to delay it by telling my landlord there was a problem with my bank account, but he wants the rent by the 2nd march. Can somone please tell me how much longer they can keep up this delaying for?? As abit of background to show how clear-cut it should be- Im 19years old, i live alone in a small studio flat (not even 1bedroom), im responsible for the full rent, im unemployed and have been for over 5months now, i have 3bank accounts of which 1 has £5, one has 9pence, one has -£196. I sent them all my bank statements and my NI card so they saw this and checked and saw that i am unemployed, i sent them the tenancy agreement to show them that i am the one renting the flat. So i just dont get what could be causing such a complex issue for them that they take longer to process the claim then they are meant to at the very maximum... Ive checked on the entitled-to website and on runnymede councils benefits calculator and i qualify for- £155 per week housing benefit, £16 per week council tax benefit, and am in the process of claiming jobseekers allowance (interview on friday). Please correct me if i am wrong but in my mind this is what i am 'legally entitled to'. Not what i could possibly get if the person who does my claim likes the look of my name and feels in a good mood when doing my form, so decides to approve me not reject me! Its what i am legally entitled to as a UK citizen, as my parents tax paid for it and when i pay tax i pay into that fund. But can they actually reject you if you do qualify like i do?? Thanks
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