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  1. Well yes, and thats Al Qaeda's excuse as well, although i would amagine it to be pretty hard to get God in jail;-)
  2. WOW i just got a complement on cag, im HONEST:grin: No problem.
  3. It is the Nuremburg defence, and i suppose you could ask, if it worked in WW2, could it still work now. The difference being in WW2 if your General gave you an order and you considered it illegal therefore refusing an order, you would be shot, therefore being damned in both cases, for the DCA's that isn't the case:-) I cant seem to remember Barclays shooting somebody at a DCA for not taking orders:D
  4. Educationally challenged? Again, im laughing at you, especially as all you have done is, Question my intelligence. Abuse a job i once had. And have nothing but a one sided argument instead of a discussion. They are surely the signs of a TRUE TROLL.
  5. Well, im not here to **** people off, put it that way. i just have experience in a DCA, and yes it is interesting to hear a different point of view and the legal side of things in much more detail, DCA's could do a much better job, with a much more customer service style approach, but its not actually the DCA's who make up the rules, its the client who decides what is said on the phone, how it is said, and how to collect, but what can you expect from companies like Barclays and Paypal who's admin is as organised as a bull in a China shop:wink: One thing i will say is that nobody deserves
  6. Very good point, but yes, it is easy to get hold of it, except for most clients:D
  7. As i have said ODC i dont work there anymore, and it wasn't a crap job anyway, was very good actually(i take it your a treasurer on 160k a year;)) Im not trying to be abusive, i was trying to discuss, but of course your labelled a troll straight away, im actually in the middle on this topic, And please dont question my intelligence, it really is the most laughable insult you could give me:roll:
  8. Begging is the correct word, Most people who DCA's call are generally in arrears, and 80 percent of the time people are thankful for the reminder and pay up straight away, its supposed to be a service, then there's the people who have been made redundant, NCO staff's job then is to advise debters on what to do, e,g contact client, sort out insurance. Then theres the people who are in debt and refuse to pay because they cant be bothered, NCO staff are supposed to just terminate the call, but of course see it as a great argument and relish the opportunity, thats were the DCA's go wrong.
  9. I might apply for a job up there, just to get to know you:p
  10. So as an expert pencil pusher can you tell me how many successful claims you have had involving NCO?
  11. Very good, but 1st credit isn't NCO is it, do you know how many times NCO have been found to be in breach of such rules? i think you will be pleasantly suprised.
  12. Please feel free to rip into me as much as you like, i work for BAE systems now and i suppose consumer action group have something to say about them as well, im dammed if i do and im dammed if i dont, its like being the Prime Minister:roll: I think NCO are a long way from commiting corporate suicide, a long, long way.
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