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  1. Hello everyone, I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this question. My question is, I am linking back up to Income Support with the incapacity Benefit element due to sickness and was wondering if there is a rule that says they can't send you to a medical any earlier than say 13 weeks? Just I read somewhere I am sure that once on Income Support they can not send someone to a medical any earlier than 13 weeks from the point they go onto it?
  2. Hello everyone! I have just taken a holiday abroad for 1 week and was hoping to too feel better but am now going to have to re-apply for Income support with the incapacity benefit element. Can someone tell me if the form for Income Support/Incapacity Benefit asks if you have been abroad recently? and if it asks you where? Or does it just say something like have you been abroad for x amount of time or something? Thanks
  3. The manager said that they had just put in a new system that made it so a member of staff can not just type in a persons name and address to require information but there are other procedures and information the member of staff needs to do in order to access any information on a customer. Thats is what I was told, hopefully thats correct. Also that a member of the job centre staff does NOT have access to the screen that shows the amount you have in savings that you gave when you made a claim, that is only seen by a certain department which is not based in the Job centre.
  4. Hi Mikey, Well the main thing that I was told was that a member of staff in the jobcentre is 'Unable' to access someones information with just a name and address, but was told they need other information but was told by the manager that they are unable to disclose what other information they need to have also. So for me if someone working in the job centre was to put in my name and address it would not allow them to bring up ANY details on me. Yep, I asked the manager directly.
  5. OK well I spoke to a manager today at the job centre and they told me that the screen that has the information as to what you declared your bank balance and savings to be were on a private other screen that would have to be accesed with certain passwords as opposed to the screen that comes up when you sign on etc. Also that screen with your bank balance on is only seen by the staff at a certain other department who are not based in the job centre. Also I was told that if a member of staff accesed this other screen that has a customers bank balance on it would automatically flag/alert a manager
  6. OK Mikey are you saying that my account savings and my account balance that I declared I had when I made my claim are in front of the person who signs me on?!!! thats totally shocking! And not on!
  7. Hi, Thanks so much for that. I most appreciate it. So am I right in thinking that when you went in today and they went through the different screens, no where showed your bank balance or amount you have in savings then, which is information you would have had to have provided them when you made your claim?
  8. Yes I too would be interested to know what heliosuk finds out tomorrow. Although I know he will have a hard time trying to get the awnsers. I just think that what my savings are, what amount I have in my bank etc should only been seen by myself and someone at my bank. Fair enough if someone in processing has to see all that to calcuate my claim but if that information is then put on basic information any jobcentre member of staff can see when someone signs for instance on I think thats wrong and they dont need to know what savings I have and bank balance so that information should not be
  9. Helio, Thanks that would be a massive help. As if you think about it even for anyone who when you sign on or just for your joe average who works in the job centre if they can see exactly how much you have in savings and your bank etc thats really unfair. Fair enough you have to give that info when you make a claim but if it's then entered so that when someone signs you on in a job centre along with being able to see your name/address/DOB etc they have your bank balance etc etc right there too. That information I think should be more private and only a certain department should have access
  10. Thanks for your reply. You know how when you go into the job centre and they access your information and it has your name, dob, address, type of driving lisence etc, well is there also a part of that which shows how much you have in your savings which you would have given when you applied for benefits which the member of staff working in a job centre can see at their finger tips? Or can how much you have in savings only be accessed by a certain department as your savings is a very private thing? My 2nd questions is also I asked for my information to be made case sensitive so tha
  11. Hello I just wondered if anyone worked or works in a jobcentre? The reason I ask is that you know when you apply for Income support or jobseekers allowance and you tell them all your savings information? Is that information about all your savings then available to be seen by a member of the jobcentre staff who type in your name and address into the system? I think thats terrible if thats true as I only would want my bank knowing my personal savings information. Thanks
  12. Thats so much Marie! Thats been a big help. When I started my new job on the Thursday I didn't work anymore for my old job and didn't get paid for the time off I took from my old job so on the Thursday when I started my new job they had me fill out a P46 I think it was. On the p46 I filled in part B I think which was 'This is my only job now but I have worked in this Tax Year' as I was pretty sure I wasnt going back to my old job anymore.
  13. OK, could I be in trouble with the Tax man in this situation.... Started new job on the Thursday wasnt due back in my new job till the Saturday....was due in my old job on the Friday but had a stomach upset so called in on the Friday morning to say I wasnt well to my old job, went to work at my new job on the Saturday, was due in my old job and my new job on the Sunday but phoned in my old job on the Sunday and said I wasnt going in, when they ask me why I didnt tell them and went to my New job that day (sunday). The monday I quit my old job. a) I didnt get paid for the two days I t
  14. Thanks!! No I wasnt getting paid for Sunday as they dont pay you if your off sick for the first 3 days. I also didnt pay tax because I didnt get paid enough to pay tax?
  15. Hello everyone, I have a question. I was in a job but got offered a new job so I didn't want to quit my other job untill I had at least the first day in my new job to make sure I liked it etc? So heres what I did Im due in my old job on Friday but did not go in as I felt ill so rang up sick, got a phone call offering me my new job later that day on the Friday and they ask me to start on the Sunday. I was also due in my old job on the Sunday. By Sunday I felt OK again so didn't want to lie to my old job and say I was sick as I was wasn't so I rang in and said I wasn't going to be at
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