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  1. agreed !!,if I moved to another area I would have to, change hospitals,doctors,consultants etc and I need to be close to my family,my daughter who lives with me would have to change jobs,if I stay in the area and rent a 2 bed privately its actually more expensive than the three bed I`m in !!
  2. I felt I just had to share my situation,I do not believe this is about freeing up the large family homes,I applied to downsize approx. 12 months before the bedroom tax was bought in as I am struggling to maintain the 3 bed house I share with my 21 year old daughter,I was given no points at all, (so much for wanting family houses)when the bedroom tax was introduced I was given 130points,apparently the standard amount of points given to people down sizing.The problem is every property I bid on had about 200 bidders and guess what I was about number 180 on the list,I don't stand a chance of getti
  3. hoe can i put the word "URGENT"in the title,the poll closes today,we need as many people to sign as poss
  4. might need to change title to get more people to read and sign,
  5. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/poll/2013/sep/19/bedroom-tax-housing?CMP=twt_fbo
  6. the whole bedroom tax is disgusting !! i been trying to downsize for over a year. i was given no points,not one bloody point,then when the bed room tax kicked in i was given 130 points,i`v bid on 2 property`s and my bidding position has been something like 204 out of 216 bids,not a dam chance of getting a smaller property,so now i have to find £14 a week for a spare room when i actually want to move,and the biggest joke of all is the two bedroom houses are either more rent than my 3 bedroom or about the same !!
  7. how come,the 3 bed council house i`m in is about £6 a week more than the 2bed council house i`v just bid on,yet i`v got to pay £14 a week more
  8. dont quite get this bedroom tax thing,i`v been trying to downsize from 3 bed to 2 bed for nearly a year with no luck,have now found a little 2 bed just round corner,and guess what the rent is only about £5 a week cheaper than the house i`v got,so how do they justify reducing my benefit by £14 a week for a extra bedroom
  9. and about bloody time to,pleased for you xx
  10. i really hope something does get done now,people have suffered long enough
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