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  1. If the guy was British Gas, he would have had a warrant.No utility companies ever enter a premises without one, it is called breaking and entering. Is it possible that it is easy to get hold of a BG top with a logo on it?:-|
  2. You will get a letter off EDF or the debt collection Agency(DCA).The utilitie company's generally put all the work out to DCA's. This letter is called a Human Rights letter and and it will advise you of the date and time you have to go to court. Do go to court, if you do not , the magistrate will rubber stamp the warrant as a matter of course. Check the date on the letter , they must give you 14 days notice under the European court of human rights. I If you dispute it at court , it will go 2 ways: 1. The magistrate will throw it out if you have a good case. 2. If it is not black and white he/she will postpone for a month , time for the utility company to produce a case. This court hearing is not to sue for the money, that is done in the county court. This is to gain a warrant to enter your house and go to the meter. If youR meter is outside a warrant is not technically needed altough they apply for one in any case. The object is to put in a pre payment meter and to get the debt back by taking a large slice of the money you put in to repayment. ie For every £20.00 you put in you will only get £10.00 worth of gas. Do not get one fitted ...go to court and defend. Is you meter inside or outside?
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