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  1. I had the same problem last year. Bill was wrong, they put me on a new charge that i never asked for. Agreed owed them £30.00 not £130.00. Spent an hour on the phone to them reading them the riot act, said I wouldnt even pay the£30.00 I did owe due to my charges. They agreed to write it all off. As for the DCA told them if they ever contacted me agin I would spend my Lifes work destroying them. Never heard from them again. My advice put an hours work in and be firm.
  2. I like you and the business like mind you have . I will give them a discount of 2.5% if they pay on time
  3. Just to go off point quickly, something I have been meaning to say. After finding out OH had incurred bank charges ..a lot...transfered all her stuff to my account and left her account with the overdraft they had created. Now dealing with everything in my accouunt I have to spend at least half an hour a day checking everything, available balance , chqs going through ect so that my account never has a problem. I also do my accounts but half an hour a week should be enough. This is a lot of work everyday just to check that the bank cannot steal off us. Is this what they call a service ? 4 Hrs work a week to check that they cannot find an exuse to steal from us?
  4. The goverments are going to have a lot of CCJ's soon. The country is bankcrupt ! No the banks have a high risk rating at present which would mean that firms wouldn't get credit and nor would you and I, but it doesn't apply to the banks. They do not have to worry about the same things others do when running their business which should help them sleep at night.
  5. This is all good stuff. I have been involved in county courts for 30 years on and off, I do not know how the Banks can ask the courts to strike the cases out..........
  6. They will get a note saying a warrant of exection has been issued. The registered office at Edinburgh would have been on the summons and that is probably where the baliffs will have to go. This is quite an importnat breakthrough, no idea how this has happened if they were all stayed......but hey! HBOS PLC THE MOUND EDINBURGH EH1 1YZ Company No. SC218813 HBOS PLC THE MOUND EDINBURGH EH1 1YZ Company No. SC218813 HBOS PLC THE MOUND EDINBURGH EH1 1YZ Company No. SC218813
  7. Thats expensive, about £800 odd quid. But we could all chip in!
  8. good question, this is a strange one. The precedent set in common law means no defence , we win. It only needs one case. This is quite interesting.
  9. Like your thinking!!! Don't think it's a rouge judge if HSBOS didnt put in a defence then you win !
  10. I do hope your right, I have a case in, but in my head I have written it off. I am sometimes proved wrong, hard to believe I know, and I hope this is one such instance! I am one of the lucky ones I think where we can just stand the loss, I know that is not the same for everyone
  11. I really hate to be making this comment but I feel I need to. People can ignore it a they see fit! Bear in mind that my family have had 4.8k in bank charges taken between sept 08 and march 09. The banks are never going to refund this money, the only talk is regulating in the future...it probably won't happen again. They will have no intention of ever paying a penny back no matter how much legal action is taken. I am not saying this is right , I am just stating a fact. Could regrat posting this just trying to be honest, and I have lost a lot due to this.
  12. I will look into it but i did not know about the £5000.00 limit. Could try an attachment of earnings. If you have a judgement they have to pay.There credit file will show a CCJ on it..well done.
  13. That is fantastic. Judgement issued they have CCJ against them they have to pay. Which it was me would love to turn up with the Baliffs!
  14. I expect a letter regarding my OH's account from HBOS soon stating ....sorry your claim has been looked at and dismissed. Please pay our overdraft that we caused off. I will......and then probably put it down to experience. It has cost money to learn that banks pay people your bills when you have no money in your account..... if they had a bounced a cheque it would have clicked that my OH account was not in order and put money in it. Instead it has cost me £2.5k to find out..cheers thanks for your help on that one. Thankyou Banks..now I know.....
  15. Sorry , this Prime Minister does nothing about nothing. Make sure the county courts grind to a halt with the claims, that is the way forward
  16. My Claims in, the HOL have just given the county courts a hell of a lot of work to do.
  17. Just filled out my N1 Claim form, looks good with the interest , just writing a cheque and going to the court. Be Back soon
  18. There is no reason not to handle them as a normal case. I think there is still a british law after 12 years of a communist government, but they cant stop you sueing somebody.
  19. I am afraid the answer to this lies in the reason this board has thousands of members. For many products we all need now there are limited places we can go.ie Mobiles, gas , electric , banking ect. Therefore all these companies have got rid of the old adage 'The customer is King'. For all the people they upset and go somewhere else, they will replace them with the customers who have been upset by someone else.Therefore the volume of customers dosn't change. We just move somewhere else, who are just as bad. It is basically a legal cartel.This applies to many areas now not just banking. Also I am not suggesting they havent been planning for it, thay will have plans in place for all senarios.
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