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  1. You want to give it *at least* 6 - 7 working days to clear in order to get no interest charge. Try and budget from the 10th to the 9th of each month, and pay on the 9th by debit card - that way you'll be getting the benefit of the £100 "float" with no charges. If you go down to the wire on paying, you run the risk of missing the payment and getting lumped with interest.
  2. Slightly off tack, but not worth a new thread(?) is there a way to sue these turkeys if they've put searches on your credit file?
  3. Funnily enough I just got a phone call off these a-holes about 30 minutes ago. I'll be sending them a SAR in the morning for their trouble.
  4. As requested by a Mod, by I don't know why, heres a thread for people who get xxxxxx off by Argos in cahoots with eBay. As you can see from what happened to a friend of mine (below) you're not alone - Argos habitually sell off their damaged returns and other tut as "Brand New" on eBay, and eBay allow them to do it again and again and again. If you want the truth about Argos and eBay before you get ripped off yourself, check Argos feedback and you'll see how many people get caught by their dishonesty. My mates case: Re: If you have Argos Problems
  5. As others have mentioned, a vanquis card is legitemate - albiet potentially expensive - means to repair your credit. Just make sure you a) pay your balance off each month in plenty of time, and b) don't try to skate right up to your due date because they *will* flip you over into interest at the slightest (usualy bad) excuse, and c) be very aware that they will pull all sorts of stunts to line their pockets, so ALWAYS keep an eye on your account, prefferably on a daily basis. A favourite stunt is the "VALUESAVER 08004083990" un-authorised debit. This is a phone call tha
  6. Raye Summers will at best pass it on to someone else, but Argos are professional pass-the-parcel experts and it's only worth writing to any of them in order to prove at a later date to a court how bad a company they are. As always with Argos, the best advice is not to buy anything from them in the first place.
  7. Be warned, this an example of what Argos call "Brand New" and eBay allow Argos to advertise as "Brand New". http://s1203.photobucket.com/albums/bb384/glen_b_uk/?albumview=slideshow A private sellers account would be closed down after at most a couple of examples of this level of mis-description - yet if you read Argos' feedback they do it constantly. Argos will not replace an item with a new one and will expect you to send it back to them "for inspection" before refunding using the worst courier company on earth, Yodel, who will often simply lose it in transit givin
  8. Write a polite email to this address: raye.summers@argos.co.uk Start it with all your order details and the name of whatever Argos creature(s) you have been being fobbed off by. Then your name and address. Then ask Raye Summers : "Could you advise me please as to what legal recourse I may have available to me via the Online Facility at Northampton Crown Court? Is my case covered by the Sale of Goods Act? I would appretiate your answer within 7 days." Put it just liike that and not as a threat. Add Thank you, and Yours Sincerely and hit send. See what happens and re
  9. Anyone who buys anything from Argos on eBay deserves to get ripped off. Read their feedback page - they habitually and knowingly list used items and damaged returns as being new - not even "New Other" but New as in brand spanking new. They knowingly list items they don't have available and hold on to peoples money. eBay of course do sweet FA about it - whereas a private seller who has a sale go wrong - often due to a dodgy buyer - gets bullied and their visibility in auctions reduced by eBay for months.
  10. Anyone else going to be whacked with a £100 fine for driving a van with an XUD engine in it after January 3rd? For the un-learned - Boris is going to be hiting anyone driving (for instance) a Fiat Scudo / Peugeot Partner with the 1.9D engine in it for £100 if theypoketheir nose into outer London. Strangley though, if your Fiat Scudo / Peugeot Partner - built on the same day in the same factory and fitted with the exact same engine - has windows and is badged as a Fiat Ulyses / Peugeot 806 it's no longer a menace to Londons environment and gets to visit London for nothing. The sa
  11. Bit of a wierd one... just got back from the pub, and met an old mate down there who's having a hard time of it at the mo. We got talking and basically he is skint, and has no work, so I asked him why he doesnt sell his van. Turns out that it still has finance on it, but it's wierd... I'll explain, and if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on it, I'd be grateful, because the guy isn't a whine or a shyster, he's always worked hard but he's really in the cack right now. OK, her'es how it goes: He's got the van - probably worth 1500 - 2000 He bought it on finance in 2003 - he's sure i
  12. Just a quick reply of support. Santander are cretinously incompetent, and I wont bore you with the litany of rubbish I've had to deal with from them, but one thing I have learned is that - if you have the gonads for it - you get an almost efficient response from them if you go into your branch, ask to use the branch phone to contact customer services and have out with them in a loud, forcefull but polite voice - letting them know that you are in the branch and you want to be connected to a manager (always take it higher,the poor peeps you get first are just cannon fodder and palm-you-offs).
  13. I don't suffer from any comprehension problems Spam, nor was I trying to "win one" over you, but what you wrote was misleading, and thats dangerous when you're in the middle of something and some bunch of thieves is asking you to sign something. I speak from experience: I've been through exactly this with Cabot and their chimps. The claim does NOT have to be "re-served" - the claim STANDS, as originally put, and is contested on the basis that it was originally put - entirely logical if you think about it, otherwise the plaintiff could simply serve a differently set out claim, this time in
  14. Not 100% (or even 50%) up on N-o-t-B law, but - can't a Sherrifs Warrant only be set up by a court case? What happened at the court case?
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