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  1. I'm on the electoral roll, but only on the full and not the edited version... will they carry out a credit check to find me? I thought they can only check (the full version) if I allow them for the purpose of obtaining credit?
  2. Thanks N.I.D I certainly won't be answering the door to them!.....let's see what happens....
  3. Well... 'phone calls continued, but bought the TrueCall device so blocked their calls... such a great bit of kit! Got letter last week saying they are going to pass the account over to their door step collectors I'm guessing the letter for Mr X is the same.... I know they have door-step collectors, but can they send someone if I haven't confirmed who I am? Do they have to make an appointment or can they just turn up????
  4. Good luck Agent53 and you are right to want to get rid of them as quickly as possible!
  5. From my experience AMEX are very aggresive in getting debts paid back .. they got a charging order on my old house through a CCJ and when I sold they got every penny I owed and then some Nasty company all over from my experience, terrible customer service, rude... deffo stay away from them in the future. Just my thoughts... sorry
  6. I know... will keep my head down me thinks... They keep asking for Mr X on the 'phone... but the last call was also for me too . If they start to get heavy then I'll have to start with the CCA request etc and play for time as it's maximum 11 months until this will be SB...
  7. Sorry ... I'm just trying to understand what can happen in these circumstances for the OP.... didn't mean to sound like I was being argumentative CCM
  8. But they would have to find the defendant first and what if you refuse to provide the information for AOE?
  9. Thanks loobyloo85 & Gizmo111... both very helpful posts
  10. Thanks flyingdoc.... I'm reading up as much as I can, so I make the right decision.... The debt is making me sick... I've been in tears over it... wondering if I should CCa some of my creditors and see if I can wipe some of this out....
  11. thanks gizmo111.... Probably £250 - £300... are they likely to want to take more than this? 5 years is a long time also...
  12. Hi all, I'm thinking of going in to an IVA for some unsecured debt I have (around £33k) and was wondering if anyone else had used one before? Good or bad.... It will take me for ever to pay off the £33k I owe and I don't really want to go for bankruptcy. I don't own a home and have little or no assets to speak of. TIA
  13. Will do...thanks twofoot.. will let you guys know what happens...
  14. Thanks Pinky69... do you think it would be better for my partner to send the letter about the 'phone calls also as we both(myself & Mr X) took the loan out I'm thinking they may have a case for me being liable for the loan still?
  15. Hi Guys, 1st post... been reading loads over the last few weeks... here goes... In October 2003 Myself and a business partner (Lets call him Mr X) took out a joint loan of £10k to help purchase a business. We were desperate for the £10k as it was a shortfall in the amount we needed to get things up and running.. . anyway HSBC wouldn't give us a loan in the company name, but only a "small business loan" which we would be personally liable.. we were desperate and took the loan out. In June 2004, I left the business (resigned as Director) and Mr X carried on with
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