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  1. Ok... yes they did get a CCJ.... the other thing is and this is a seperate issue... AMEX is still on there as "unsatisfied" and I paid them in full (I'll get back to that at a later date!!! ) So what do you think I should do next? Thanks
  2. Thank you I will check now and get back when I have an answer on the CCJ...
  3. Can I just check 1st though... will this search leave a trace for other debt collectors to see? Thanks
  4. They have quoted a claim number and my local court.... how would I find out? thanks
  5. Hi, Got a letter a couple of days ago from these "people" and my heart sunk It's in reference to a CCJ they must of got after I left my last address over 2 years ago. .. at the time they were trying to go for a charging order on my home, but sold it just in time Now they have caught up with me and sent the following letter What should I do? Obviously if they got a CCJ.... what are my options here? Any advice welcome... ps. I no longer own my own home.
  6. It's those automated calls from Robinson Way I hate!... there's got to be a law against them!!!
  7. They obviously can't prove the debt, so keep passing it around.. someone more knowledgeable will be along soon, I'm sure...
  8. I didn't think they were allowed to reveal to 3rd parties how much you owe? AIC sound like a bunch of cowboys to me!!
  9. I would just set up your own SO with YOUR bank to pay them... If you use online banking it's very easy and no need to send them any details, but you need their details to set up of course.... I pay all my debts this way and haven't had a problem with them taking any more than agreed as they can't with a SO... that's why I avoid DD's! HTH
  10. I had this problem with Robinson Way, so got myself a TrueCall device... no more annoying "press 1 to continue" much cheaper in the long run than BT's Choose to refuse!
  11. I installed TrueCall to block unwanted calls from Robinson Way.. they were calling 3 - 4 times a day! now I have total Bliss...............
  12. Metropolitan are HSBC's in house collector.... I've dealt with them myself in the past... Don't worry someone more experienced will be along to help shortly I'm sure. x
  13. Does anyone have any advice on this? I'm worried now... keep jumping everytime the doorbell goes
  14. Subbing... I got ripped off by AMEX for a £1,000 credit card bill - yes £1000 and they got a charging order!! That was 2 years ago... so very interested in what happens with this. ;-)
  15. Thanks DG, Yeah, checked that and only my partner comes up and not me 8) EDIT: Just double checked and only comes up with my old address from 3 years ago and not my current 8)
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