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  1. Bless them! awwwwww .... Latin hahahahaha
  2. hahahaha... might give that a try if they dare to darken my door!
  3. cheers for the link R&B! They got the CCJ at my old address when I had moved out 6 months earlier. . they then went straight for a Charging Order on the property. .. this is when they were told I was no longer the legal owner.. . so I'm going for getting this set-aside on the grounds of being unable to defend, having no knowledge of the court date etc... then going to see if they have all the correct docs (agreement etc) in the 1st place to even collect this debt..
  4. More letters this week from Robbers.... the usual "where have we gone wrong?" Where do I start?! I'm now getting offered a very special reduced rate and can even pay in 3 instalments!! lucky me!!! I'm guessing the same came for MR X, but haven't opened that letter....
  5. Thanks R&B for your reply... I got the N244 sent back to me yesterday (from Northampton BCC) saying it needs to be sent to my local court as it has been transfered there... so need to send off again (they didn't cash the cheque).... the OC was Barclays Masterloan...will do a search for their address online and send a SAR to them. I haven't done any CPR requests yet... I'll get on with SAR and the N244 today.. don't want to delay this any more as Hillesden (from my past experience) are like bulldogs and very agressive!
  6. ok.. got a bumf in the post from Hillesden and the now infamous A E Locke! All they have provided was my account history printouts from when they bought the debt and how they tried to get a charging order etc... . no copies of default notices , credit agreements.. no copy of assignment... plus got letter back from Northampton saying I need to send application to my local court as when Hillesden went for a charging order on my old property it was transferred there!.. . so I need to send that off today. What should I do now though???? Can I write back to Hill
  7. It will be seen as "gifted" I believe and you have no recourse for getting it back.
  8. It's all gone quiet... nothing from DLC.. nothing from the courts (although I expect them to take a little longer )... is this normal? DLC/Hillesden were threatening all kinds if I didn't pay in 5 days ( 20th April ) :-|
  9. ** EDIT ** just re-read what you said... If the debt isn't yours then you shouldn't pay anything! It is up to them to prove the debt is yours and as it isn't they can't... so as Pinky69 says below - report them!
  10. Right... DLC / Hillisden have signed for my SAR letter this morning... I take it the 40 days starts now? I'm guessing they are going to start hassling me now for payment.. should I pay them anything or wait to see if the CCJ gets set aside? Any advice greatfully recieved
  11. ok.. letter for Mr X arrives today from Horwich Farley? Was in the same envelope as Robbers usually come in.. I was being nosey and opened it It said it was from H.F and said Mr X needs to contact RW and pay the balance in full... I haven't had a letter from them for some time now... only coming for Mr X... Do you think this is a "good" sign as so far it looks like I've dropped off the radar?... (fingers crossed)
  12. ok... everthing posted off now ! If/when I get this CCJ put aside... what does this actually mean? Is the CCJ cancelled? Do they have to go to court again if they want to get it re-instated? Thanks
  13. Thats way excessive! I believe they are allowed to contact you by 'phone around 2/3 times a day.... but you can send them a letter asking them to only contact you by letter (someone will post this letter up soon for you, I'm sure! )
  14. They love playing games... but so do we now :D How I love this site... given me so much confidence just by knowing MY rights!
  15. update: Well no more 'phone calls or letters from Robbers for over 2 weeks now and the Statute barred clock is ticking away nicely P.S. and nobody ever turned up at my doorstep
  16. Yep... report them! They really don't have a clue what they are doing!
  17. welcome to the forum! You will get lots of help here from some of the more experienced members... but just wanted to bump your thread up so it gets noticed!
  18. Cheers 42man... will post N244 now... will do SAR on Masterloan tonight Thanks guys for your help!
  19. Just filling in the form... N244... does anyone know what I should put for the part asking for "parties to be served:" ? Thanks
  20. right..ok... read loads on that site... cheers! going to start the Set aside process straight away.... Do you think I should SAR Barclays Masterloan now? or wait until i've got it set aside? Thanks
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