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  1. Hi guys, These morons are chasing me for a alleged debt from 7 years ago, that is SB'd now and has never had a CCJ against it. I've sent them the SB letter from the templates on here by recorded delivery and they've signed for it yesterday. What do you think their next move will be? Will they just give up now or are they likely to keep asking for this alleged debt? also will this affect my credit file now? Thanks
  2. Hi, I work for VM.. it sounds like for some reason they didn't get the request to disconnect. Sevices are disconnected after 3 months of non-payment, which it sounds like you have been billed for. Who did you speak to to cancel your services? was it the account holder who requested it verbally after passing DPA? You would have got a letter giving you the details of the disconnection and the date the service would be terminated. On the contract side of it, VM T&C's say that as soon as you start using the service you have effectively agreed to the contract. Had you served
  3. Disgusting behaviour from Muck Hall!!! It's my companies policy to open all external mail before sending it on to the recipient, so if it happened it to me i'd be mortified as it's already been said, report them!!
  4. Got a 7days warning that they *may* go for a CCJ for a "debt" of £35 Idiots! I've already got 2, so not bothered, let them waste their money on a CCJ.
  5. They must of bought a job lot of old debts off Sky... got a letter today saying "pending litigation" "we've traced you" It's for an old Sky bill of £35... now when I was moving over 6 years ago I called up and tried to cancel/give notice to Sky, but their computers were down and the guy I spoke to was very rude to me... I just cancelled my DD and disconnected the Skybox. Now they have sent in these clowns to try and recover the money! they can Foxtrot Oscar for sure! :grin:
  6. oh dear... threatograms have started again... I have never sent anything back to these cretins
  7. Cheers Pinky69, It's an old Barclays bank account (overdraft) from about 6 years ago now. .. been paying DLC for 2 - 3 years. i did get a notice of assignment from them way back when the debt was sold to them. I think I got a default notice from Barclays? They are horrible to deal with and treat you like crap Should I just ignore their threat letter? I have never missed a payment to them and I am paying as much as I can...althoogh I could give up food?
  8. Hi all, DLC have written to me today with the following: I'm paying as much as I can and my circumstances haven't changed... can they cancel our "agreement" to pay X amount? Thers no way I'm calling these idiots!
  9. I've got the TrueCall device and have been happily blocking Robbers Way for months, now they started to withhold their number to leave messages on TrueCall. I've now had to block withheld numbers to stop these cretins! I thought it was illegal for them to withhold their number now?
  10. I'll second that! RobWay used to call 3 times a day 6 days a week...not no more
  11. Don't worry... just remember... NEVER speak to DCA's! and acknowedge NOTHING to them... most letters are Phishing letters to get a responce. If they write to YOU, then post up here and other experienced Caggers can give advice! Stop worrying! I know it's hard not to, but if I worried about all mine, then I'd be dead with stress!
  12. Thanks r&b.... I'll have a read... a bit scared now the dates been set TBH!... yikes!
  13. Thanks r&b..... I didn't send any CPR requests, no.. ... I didn't think it would come through this quick... although you did warn me! I put in my application that I was not living at the address when the judgemnt was made and had no knowledge of the court date, so was unable to defend. I advised on CPR Rules 13.2 and 13.3. Thanks
  14. right ok... update. got a letter from my local CC today.... Ok...now... any advise on how to put a defence together for this? Any help appreciated as always
  15. hahahahaha They also say in the letter that "dispite numerous home visits...." ???? They've never been anywhere near my home!
  16. Cheers r&b.. will have a good read and think about the CPR...
  17. All posted off now... waiting game starts again... Thanks again R&B for your help... much appreciated
  18. Brilliant! Thanks R&B you are a star!.. will get on to this straight away!
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