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  1. Thank you both I will see what I can get out of them... I'll update this thread with any news. Thanks again
  2. The other person doesnt pay debts, I know that for sure, so they are trying it on... I'm prepared to fight this!
  3. Thank you. I'll have a read. Do you think it's worth reporting them to OFT / Trading Standards ? I'll write to them again and tell them that unless they can prove these payments have been made then it should be marked as SB and no further action should be taken..
  4. Robinson Way are chasing me again for a Statute Barred debt (8years) for about £20k.. I told them in March this year (signed for letter )that it was SB, they said it wasn't and sent me a "statement" showing various "cash" payments made here and there over a 2 year period. I would never have paid cash to ANYONE and the other person who was on this joint account would certainly never pay ant debt, so I know they haven't paid anything to it. I wrote back and asked them to prove who paid the "cash" otherwise I wouldn't enter in to any further discussions with them.. they came back and offere
  5. Ok, got a "What have we done wrong?" letter saying they have called me, written to me etc... but have had no reply. the debt stands and needs paying. BUT they are now offering a reduction in the amount I allegedly owe. There is no threats of legal action etc, just a please pay envelope. Time to report them for making up that payments were made on this account? who's the best to write to? Cheers all
  6. Oooh cheers! well I have never paid anything in cash to any debt, so it will be interesting to see what appears
  7. don't worry, I will be complaining about them, especially about the supposed "cash" payments
  8. Not yet. I'm waiting for their next move. I've obviously kept the "statement" of payments I've supposedly made in CASH??? Just collecting evidence against them at the moment
  9. Not heard a thing since I sent my "prove it" letter regarding payments. I said I wouldn't enter in to any further correspondence until/if they can prove I made the payments. I also advised them that I still believe the alleged debt is statute barred as per my previous letter (signed for)... I wonder what their next move will be?
  10. Looks like theres a small chance it crossed in the post by 2 days (was signed for)? Best to wait to see their next move?
  11. Yeah, I sent it by recorded/signed for delivery. I guess this is their last attempt to get a payment out of me?
  12. They have sent a letter today saying they can't see any reason why I shouldn't pay them LOL but they'd like to offer me a special deal to as F&F on the account. It's about 20% of the orginal alleged debt LOL. But you've guessed it... they are getting NOTHING from me
  13. Good point... I'm certainly going to keep hold of their "account" printout.
  14. I'll send them a letter asking for proof. Should I send it via recorded delivery?
  15. It just says "CASH" in every transaction
  16. Thanks guys, I can't remember getting any yearly statements from them, no. I know I've NEVER paid anything towards this alledged debt and would NEVER pay cash even if I did! So the best course of action would be a proof of payments then and how they were made? Do we have a template or would a simple proove it type letter surfice? Thanks guys/gals
  17. Hey guys, RobWay (Via Howich Farrelly) recently contacted me about an alledged debt for a bank loan that became statute barred in 2011. I sent the Statute Barred letter template from here and have just recieved the following from them: They then show a print out of various payments being made by CASH, like below: 25/08/07 CASH PAID US 40.00 It carries on with various "write offs" then more CASH payments. Now it's my belief that they must show proof that I made the payments on the account? I would NEVER have made CASH payments to any debt, I've always
  18. The bottom feeders are out in force at the moment
  19. thanks... it is clear at the moment. I'm guessing their search means nothing then?
  20. Cheers... sounds about right about the reselling Are they likely to add anything to my credit file?
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