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  1. poss

    but as its prob SB

    they've offered discounts


    it might be better to leave things be


    unless you think you took out PPI? dx


    I don't remember any PPI on it, no. I agree, it is SB in my eyes as I have never paid anything to it since about 2004. I keep telling them it's SB, but they made up a fictitious payment last year, which I'm 100% sure I never made. Why would I when I told them a year earlier it was SB? The industry really is rotton to the core :evil:

  2. so you agreed a payment plan outside of the court being involve and after the judgement?

    and what was the judgement, have you the CCJ copy?


    they MUST abide by anything the judgement says




    I can't find the actual CCJ, no. Yeah, I agreed a payment plan with them without the court being involved, they've happily taken those payment for 4 years now from what I can see. I've never missed a payment and it comes out as a standing order every month. I just don't want any more added to the debt. Sending a letter today to them asking on what grounds they are going for a writ. Thanks

  3. threads merged.


    so you never got the set aside done?


    what happened please?




    I frantically checked to see if i ever replied to their claim and I did (there was so much going on at that time, it was all a blur) ,


    I couldn't use the "didn't know they had taken me to court" route :(


    I just had to start paying up.


    I agreed a payment plan with them and had kept up the payments since, never missed once.


    I have no problem paying it as it is my debt,


    I just feel annoyed by their recent threats.


    I'll fire of the letter tomorrow.


    Thanks guys :)

  4. Hi,


    You need to write to Aplins and state that you have been complying with the terms of the CCJ and have paid the agreed amount every calender month.


    Any action will be vigorously defended.


    Did Hillsdens / DLC take you to Court?

    Are Hillsdens / DLC named on the Court paperwork to pay?

    You must continue to pay whoever is named on the Court paperwork at the agreed amount.

    Only a Court can change who you pay.


    If your financial circumstances change in future, you can apply to the Court for a variation in the amount.


    Do not ring, keep everything in writing so you have a nice papertrail.


    Have you full payment statements to show that you have fully paid on time and every month?




    Yeah, never missed even one payment. I had to double check there wasn't another CCJ! but no it's the same one. they have been ringing me loads lately, but TruCall has been telling them to do one ;)

  5. BCW have been chasing a SB debt of Akitiv Kapital for a few months,

    I'd already told AK last year (april) that it was SB and that I wouldn't be paying,

    they ignored me and sent a few letters, but went quiet for a bit.


    Now after complaining and telling BCW it was SB,


    I've received a letter "Refuting" my claims. It shows a "payment" made in November 2012 of £40. Which I never made!!! :-x


    The account was SB in April 2012, so how they think phantom payment this makes it un-barred I'll never know.


    What should i do? BCW said they are continuing collection on the alleged debt and AK say I've made 1 payment last year that i didn't make!!! :-x


    Who is best to complain to as BCW said there letter was there "final decision" on the matter!!!??? :!:

  6. Write back to the compliance Manager saying


    Dear Sir or Madam,


    I have received your letter dated xx xx xxxx asking how Robinson Way have failed in dealing with this allged debt, I would think it is quite palin to anyone who has read my previous letters : PLEASE NOTE THIS ALLGED DEBT IS STATUTE BARRED AND I WILL NOT BE MAKING ANY PAYMENT OR OFFER OF PAYMENT.

    Final Response.


    Thanks... would I be best sending it "signed for", so they can't claim they never received it?

  7. We have been advised by the local TS to write a complaint to them and warn them under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. We have also informed RW in the letter that we will be making complaints, once again, to TS and the OFT.


    42man. How do you press for harassment if they continue to do so when you have warned them?


    Yeah, sorry dx100uk. I have been really stressed lately, what with ill health and other issues, and I couldn't help myself. They are not going to get a penny.


    I made the same mistake, it just made me even more angry after speaking to the phone monkey :evil:

  8. It is well worth reporting them, they like to take liberties and the more reports the so called regulatory authorities get the better.


    Try to stay off the phone with them, I know it is tempting to wind them up but it doesn't really help much.


    I know, I just lost it, had bad news and their letter was the straw etc... I will report them for sure, should have done it earlier this year! Thanks for replying x :)

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