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  1. I don't remember any PPI on it, no. I agree, it is SB in my eyes as I have never paid anything to it since about 2004. I keep telling them it's SB, but they made up a fictitious payment last year, which I'm 100% sure I never made. Why would I when I told them a year earlier it was SB? The industry really is rotton to the core
  2. I can't find the actual CCJ, no. Yeah, I agreed a payment plan with them without the court being involved, they've happily taken those payment for 4 years now from what I can see. I've never missed a payment and it comes out as a standing order every month. I just don't want any more added to the debt. Sending a letter today to them asking on what grounds they are going for a writ. Thanks
  3. The original Creditor was Sainsburys Bank. I've not SAR'd them yet. It's quite old now, do you think it would be worth it?
  4. I frantically checked to see if i ever replied to their claim and I did (there was so much going on at that time, it was all a blur) , I couldn't use the "didn't know they had taken me to court" route I just had to start paying up. I agreed a payment plan with them and had kept up the payments since, never missed once. I have no problem paying it as it is my debt, I just feel annoyed by their recent threats. I'll fire of the letter tomorrow. Thanks guys
  5. Not heard a thing from these muppets since I asked for proof , had a couple of letters giving me a fantastic opportunity to get 40% knocked off though lol
  6. I'll fire off a letter to them and let them know. Could it just be a rouse to get more money out of me? silly question i guess! LOL
  7. Yeah, never missed even one payment. I had to double check there wasn't another CCJ! but no it's the same one. they have been ringing me loads lately, but TruCall has been telling them to do one
  8. Aplins have written to me about a debt I have with Hillsden / DLC. It was a CCJ from 8 years ago and I've been paying £50 per month for over 6 years now. They are saying I haven't paid and are about to issue a writ for a Warrant of execution ? I've never missed a payment and have paid even when I was unemployed. Can they do this?
  9. Cheers, will do. Is it worth making a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman too? I was thinking Trading Standards too?
  10. Yeah, it says it was paid at a Lloyds ??? I've never been in a Lloyds!! LOL
  11. BCW have been chasing a SB debt of Akitiv Kapital for a few months, I'd already told AK last year (april) that it was SB and that I wouldn't be paying, they ignored me and sent a few letters, but went quiet for a bit. Now after complaining and telling BCW it was SB, I've received a letter "Refuting" my claims. It shows a "payment" made in November 2012 of £40. Which I never made!!! The account was SB in April 2012, so how they think phantom payment this makes it un-barred I'll never know. What should i do? BCW said they are continuing collection on the alleged deb
  12. The whole industry is rotten to the core.. when will our MP's do something about it? Getting fed up of them myself
  13. Thanks guys.. I really like the last letter by 42Man, so will be sending this one by recorded delivery today I think
  14. Thanks... would I be best sending it "signed for", so they can't claim they never received it?
  15. OK, got another letter today saying "Where have we gone wrong?" and they could offer a discount, but if I ignore then they will take "further action"... no mention of courts in this letter.... They are getting on my nerves now!
  16. I made the same mistake, it just made me even more angry after speaking to the phone monkey
  17. Thanks... yeah they took about 2 weeks to get back to me earlier in the year when I told them it was Statute barred. I've still got all copies and proof of postage / signed for copies etc. I shall wait and see what happens next..
  18. If feels like it.... still nothing from them in the post after our conversation. hmmm
  19. I know, I just lost it, had bad news and their letter was the straw etc... I will report them for sure, should have done it earlier this year! Thanks for replying x
  20. Well I will definitely report them, they won't be bullying me that's for sure
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