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  1. Morning Emmzzi, My fiancee would like a job which would suit her commitments at home. This would either be a job that would work around school hours, or weekend work. The canteen job that was offered was not suitable because they told her she may have to stay behind after school hours some days, and the weekend job is no longer available. The reason why I have posted the redundancy offer is because I believe that she has been selected for redundancy unfairly, and that they are basically forcing her out of the door. I am now after some advice as to how I can reply explaining that
  2. Hello. We have received a letter from the company that my fiancee has been made redundant. Please find attached. This letter has angered my fiancee, because the letter states 'Due to your extra commitments at home you asked if it was possible for you to now work weekdays during school hours only, not do weekend shifts and also avoid working at all during school holidays as these would be difficult for you. My fiancee never at one point said that she would not work weekends - after she was tldl that her current job was unavailable, she said that she would have to work weekdays around school hou
  3. Thanks Becky. I have looked at other cases online, and I think that she has been treated unfairly. I believe that they have deliberately asked her to train another department to cover her role, and changed the internal structure whilst she's been on maternity. I believe that they should have notified her in writing that her job was to be made redundant once the other department began to cover her role - as it is obvious to me that they have had this planned. It is not right that she has had nine months maternity, and come back to work to be offered a job in the canteen (on similar pay terms, a
  4. It is a bit complicated. Prior to going on maternity leave, management asked her to train the accounts department to cover what she used to do. Now she has finished maternity, they are telling her that her role is not required as the accounts department deal with it. They mentioned that a law has come out that says 'if you come back to work within six months of maternity, they have to give you your job back, and after six months, they can give your job to someone else, but offer you another role in the store'. I don't know if this is true either?
  5. Please could someone offer some advice. My fiancee has been working as a receptionist for a company for 9 years (since 2004). Four years ago (2008), she fell pregnant with our first child, and had nine months maternity. She could not work as a full-time receptionist, so they offered her a part-time weekend job, which she accepted at a reduction of her salary (apparently her responsibilities were less so they reduced her wage from £7.50 an hour to £6.80 an hour). Last year, she fell pregnant and has taken nine months maternity again. This time, she has had a couple of meetings, and they ha
  6. Hi there! I currently have a mortgage with A&L, or Santander now, but I have a PPI with a different company Select & Protect. I have been paying approx £27 a month for 5 years. I was given this PPI when I got my mortgage, but I was told I needed it, and I do not remember signing anything. Can I claim it all back from select & protect, even though they are not my mortgage lender? Many thanks GC
  7. Hello again. I want to respond to Bryan Carter's final notice but I am unsure what to send him. Could anybody help please? Should I maybe send him a letter asking to send me any records he has on hold of me to help with this case? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the advice Sillygirl. Do you know where I can find the template to send to Bryan Carter? I have attached a copy of a final notice I received off them on Sat 10th July (2nd Class post ) demanding that I pay the amount in full or they will take me to court. How long does it normally take to get a hearing at court? It's just that I have a holiday booked from 7th August to the 21st August, and I don't want to spend it worrying about defending myself in court whilst I am on hols. Bryan Carter.pdf
  9. Hi sillygirl, thanks for the reply. This is what confuses me, is my debt in dispute if Natwest have sent me a final notice explaining that they will no longer look into my claim? In their eyes, surely the account is no longer in dispute? Or am I wrong? I know I dispute the debt, but is that enough to say to Bryan Carter that the debt is in dispute?
  10. Hello. Please could you give me some advice on a ongoing issue I have with Natwest. It started a while backed when I went overdrawn with Natwest and incurred 'snowballing' charges. With default fees and admin fees I now owe approx £600 to Natwest. I have sent them letters in the past reclaiming my charges but they refused to pay back, and also in January 2010 I received their final letter in regards to bank charge reclaiming and the bank charge case result in the high courts, saying that they were no longer willing to look at my case. This year I have had Moorcroft chasing me fo
  11. Hello, it's been a while since I was last on the consumer forum. Yesterday my fiancee received a doorstep visit from a guy who wanted to speak to me, but wouldnt give any details of who he was. I can only assume that the guy was a Moorcroft rep. I want to write a letter explaining that I have now rang the OFT in regards to the harrassment from Moorcroft (going to ring them tonight after work), and the fact that they havent even told me if the debt has been sold from Natwest. Please could someone give me some advice on what to write to them? I have also filled out a form to sen
  12. Hi elpulpo, it is a small furniture store and it has between 80-90 employees. Some good news anyways , they have agreed to meet my fiancee half way to £6.50 an hour. But now there is a new problem (haha!) . . . . Normally my fiancee would recrue 25 days holidays from april to april, but she has been told because she is starting part-time in Feb, she will only recrue 21. is this correct? . . . . and, the plot thickens. She has already used 13 days in april so has a balance of 8 (according to the employer), and they have told her that she will only be paid half at a
  13. Hi HB. Just to let you know that my finacee went back to work to see the manager yesterday. They have cut her wage from £7.28 per hour to minimum wage £5.85 per hour (i think!). They told her that the reason for the cut was because she could no longer do the work she used to. This is because they don't do this work at weekends, and she would just be a receptionist answering the phone, dealing with customers instead of the administration side. They also told her that it shouldnt make a difference to what they pay her, because the working tax credit would make up for it (which is a load of
  14. Hi, I am just after a bit of advise if that's possible. My fiancee is due back to work after 9 months maternity leave. She is unable to work full time now as she has to look after our little boy, and we cannot afford childcare. They have agreed that she can work weekends, but have told her that they will have to reduce her hourly rate, because she will have less responsibilites. She has to go and see them today to discuss a new contract. Do the have the right to do this?
  15. Hello, I have posted a couple of threads in the past about my Natwest charges 'debt' and I thought I would start a new thread about my current situation. Basically, my charges from Natwest snowballed as I was disputing the fact that the charges were unfair. The supreme court ruling has ruled against the OFT investigating the fairness of the charges, so now I have a £600 debt hanging over me, all unfair charges. The debt has been sold to Moorcroft DR (although I wasn't notified of this) and now they are chasing payment. I have attached the most recent letter I have received (funny I k
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