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  1. yes i have had the mis fortune to have insurance with them steer well clear i was in a non fault accident hit from the rear 3rd party admited liability 1stcentral took 5 months to contact 3rd party then tried to scrap my car without any offer. I had to do most of their job for them ie get my own hire car talk to 3rd party insurer etc.... complete knightmare
  2. hi looking for some advice please basicly i submitted a housing termination form after being a tennant in my flat for 10 years as i was planning on moving out when i did i was told i have 30 days to change my mind and i was liable for the rent in those 30 days 2 weeks later i was away visiting relatives i decided to change my mind as per my rights when i returned i relised the locks on my flat had been changed there was a letter with my neighbour for me saying the gas board had forced entry for a inspection and i could pick up my new keys from the local office or outside office hours from a c
  3. dont know if this is posted in the right place if anyone can advise me what to do i bought a mini dust pan and shovel from a well known supermarket it was in their toy isle and i assumed it was a toy and my daughter who 16 months old wanted it. as we got home she was playing with the toy and we noticed blood coming from her chest due to the mouldings of the plastic the brush and shovel has a razor sharp edge which cut her. 4 weeks later and she still has a scar from this. i have been in and complained to the super market they have wrote to me requesting me to hand the product in to the
  4. i just got a quote for motor insurance on the companys website here is the price i got... All you have to do now is review your details, pick your optional extras, select your payment method and click the 'NEXT' button at the bottom of the page... Your Premium A single payment of£360.02 or A deposit of £72.00 and 10 monthly instalments of£31.39 Typical 21.0% APR (variable) All premiums inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax Cover Options Legal Expenses£19.99 Hire Car£24.99 Personal Acci
  5. is there any way yet to get them to admit they have no agreement i have told them that i know for a fact they do not hold one. and i genuinely did not sign an agreement should i take them to court as i know 100% they have no agreement is there anyway i could lose?
  6. a reasonable request is not ringing and banging on my door at 9 am asking to come in then not telling me anything about an investigation i found this out for myself after all when i went to their office to claim they wouldnt see me without an apointment
  7. they just seemed so eager to come to my house and couldnt ask their questions over the phone and were very rude to me on the phone. i live in a respectful area their are no council houses in the street and i dont want two council officers turning up at my door with stab proof vests on and council logos everywhere showing all my neibours i get benifits. surely it is my right to denie access to anyone especialy without an apointment. i mean my daughter is 11 months old and doesnt wear many clothes around the house and for 2 people to turn up unexpected and me not to let them in would this give t
  8. i phoned and asked what they wanted this morning they said it was just to see if everything is ok with housing benifit i said yes then they said they will need to make an apointment for next week strange when ive told them everything was fine. i told them not to come without an appointment they told me they can come at a moments notice which i think is wrong. then i caught them out i phoned the main reception and told them the name left on the card they said that is the investigation department anyone know my rights on this? can i refuse entry? do i have a right to know what the
  9. i have just had 2 council officers at my door unexpected wanting to discuss my housing benifit they came in but as i had visitors they said they would come another time and left a card with a phone number. when i phoned they said they couldnt tell me what its about but then read somthing off their screen that amounted to its about who lives with you. when i put in the claim for housing benifit i got a call to my mobile and a friend answered it and passed the phone to me after the questions the council asked me who had answered my phone and if they lived with me as id stated on the form it wa
  10. no, is there a template for a section 10 anywhere
  11. any info on how to go about this cheers
  12. cheers im more interested in geting the defaults removed from my credit file i ceased contact with them over a year ago until i cca'd them last month so im not too bothered about them being my pen pal, but would i be able to pursue them for any money i have paid to them in the past? as they have no enforceable agreement
  13. littlewoods have responded to my cca requests stating they are unable to locate a copy of my executed agreement. just wondering what i should do now if i can get defaults removed from my credit file or any other options i have?
  14. just found this on Parking FAQs Are yellow lines legal if they don't have a T-bar where they end? In accordance with the traffic engineer's bible - Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions - yellow lines must have a T-bar where they terminate or change from double to single or vice versa. If the T-bar is missing then the line is not legal and, therefore, not enforceable. T-bars are not required where a yellow line meets a parking bay or zebra crossing as bays and crossings effectively sit on top of the yellow line. i guess that answers my question any other idea how i ca
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