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  1. Don't think exchange will have taken place before then, but the work for exchange will hopefully be complete.
  2. OK Ell-enn thank you very much for your advice so far.
  3. I mean a copy to their solicitors, I will of course provide the judge with a copy this week.
  4. Hi Ell-enn, just a couple of queries. Do I supply a copy of my defence prior to the hearing or at the hearing? My summary is; - property is under offer (they state they are unaware of this) - didn't receive their solicitors letter detailing the action (still havn't) - no substantive proposal or contact (i have copies of email to refute) - Did not receive the defence form and would have been disadvantaged etc. I can't help feeling that on such important matters solicitors should be made to send communications such as this as recorded delivery, as the additional cost is
  5. Thank you very much Ell-enn, all that was supplied was a single sheet of form N11 with no questions, I'll get on it later today and let you have a copies for your perusal and comment.
  6. I've clicked on the link that takes you to the HMC website but can't download any Forms, with the hearing notification there is a single sheet N11 defence form but no questionaire. Do you have a link to this?
  7. The fact it is an "all monies mortgage" does that mean that the 1st C&G and 2nd Personal lloyds account are aware and in agreement with this action, given that neither have brought pressure to bear (after all they are all part of the same group). I would have thought so but they have never mentioned it, they don't even chase their claims, possibly due to the previous 35 years as a good customer. I will copy you on my draft defence once completed. Just to re-iterate at present I have the agents offer letter, the agents confirmation of offer detailing purchasers & my solicitors
  8. Thats very good of you Ell-enn. in completing the form I am looking to summarise the points above, but give a fuller explantion as an appendix. Incidentally your fast response is most impressive.
  9. I should also add they have a copy of the Agents letter advising the offer, but not the confirmation containing solicitors details which only arrived yesterday, the target date for completion is end of September start of October. Incidentally in preparing a defence to the court, do I supply my defence to the Charge 3 solicitors prior to or on the day of hearing. I intend to communicate my defence to the court next week giving the judge ample time to study it prior to the hearing.
  10. Not sure if this is the best place to post this, I am faced with a possession hearing on September 2nd next, I have had the house on the market for 19 months I have now accepted an offer and solicitors have been instructed. The problem is that the house has 3 charges on it the 1st is the mortgage, the second a personal overdraft, the 3rd is a guarantee for a business overdraft for my sons company, All are with LloydsTSB group (1st C&G, 2nd Personal, 3rd different Branch of Lloyds). The first two have been very patient and have not proceeded to any action preferring to awit a successful sal
  11. AMEX pictures by est1234_2009 - Photobucket this is the AMEX letters
  12. Hi, I've CCA'd DCA acting for AMEX Credit Card and received what appears to be a Pre Approved Application (looks like 24/06/94), plus 3 pages of a Credit Card Agreement. I'd like an opinion as to its validity/enforceability. I'll upload it to photobucket.
  13. OK will do guy's thanks. Also have an initial meeting with a solicitor this afternoon @16.30.
  14. Hi bigal, Well I'll do a Subject Access Request but who should I send it to; Creditor or; Creditors Solicitor or; Creditors DCA (It's these charges I'm disputing, although they always refer me to the Solicitors) Incidentally thanks for your time on this.
  15. The original amount of debt was £5,875, the SD was for some £8,500 and this additional amount would take it to over £10,000, given that I have tried to negoitiate making 3 different offers of payment since set aside was dismissed prior to paying the cheques.
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