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  1. Hi saver6 We had our car auctioned the day it was took. It was took from us at 10 oclock and was auctioned before 3pm. Keep us informed on how you get on.
  2. We also have trading standards working with us. We gained a copy of the bill of sale for the car we had taken tis is now being looked at to check the legality of it. We are back in touch with Daily Mirror who are going to run our full story very soon.
  3. Hi Read the thread ARE YOU A THIRD PARTY VICTIM. We swapped a car in April 08 and it was took from us in December 08. We had never heard of logbook loans. We also lost a lot of money. We can't afford to go through small claims none of us work. We went to the police who told us it was a civil matter and they cannot get involved. Hope you have more luck.
  4. Just another quick update. Today we recieved letter from a council who are looking into Armstrong Recovery. If anyone else has had dealings with Armstrong Recovery send PM and we will give details. Not putting them on here as eyes are watching.
  5. The test case goes to court in December or January. Should know how it went by end of January.
  6. They can and will repo car from new owner that what happened to us. We got a car last April and it was reposessed in december 08. The person we got car from had a lbl on it and didn't pay. We stand to loose nearly £5000. Read the thread 'are you third party victim' this will give you our story. We got solicitor and local mp fighting for us. Don't sell your car.
  7. Just another quick update. Since we recieved the bill of sale earlier on in the week we have recieved another letter from our MP. Our MP Paddy Tipping has now found out that change of consumer law that was supposed to come in October has been put on hold. He has now wrote to the head of the OFT sending copies of all our emails and paperwork that we have to them, he wants to know why changes will not come into effect in October and he also wants to know why third party victims are not protected when they should be. We now await replies from solicitor and OFT. He also asking how thi
  8. We in similar position , but we can make our claim over £5000. The car we swapped was worth £2000, the repairs to the car we got was £1500 and the price of a new car was £1500 which we had to some repairs to we are trying to recover all our costs from people who took loan out on the car we had took from us. We out of pocket nearly £6000. We need a car to carry our disabled son why should we pay when we done nothing. How much have you lost out on?
  9. Hi Just a quick update on our situation with lbl and persons we got our car from. Today we had a letter from our solicitor telling us they have recieved the bill of sale from lbl. The people we got car from took loan out on 7th november 2007 and swapped us the car in April 2008. There is no court stamp on bill of sale. Solicitor now looking into best course of action for us to take. Looks like we finally getting somewhere. The loan they took out was for £750, by the time the car was took from us this had gone up to over £2000. Will keep you updated as we find out m
  10. Stephensons took us on and are now checking bill of sale. Lbl said they would help us take person we got car from to court, but have backed out.
  11. Lbl said they would help if we took the people we got car from to court for fraud. We looked into cost and can't afford to do this. They say they will help but don't
  12. Anglia are not bailiffs regardless of what they say. You need to get in touch with Stephensons solicitors as they have a lot of clients having trouble with lbl.
  13. Our car was sold the day it was took from us on 2nd December 08. Removed from our premises at 10am and sold that afternoon at auction.
  14. Hi jolly We been keeping up to date with all on here. We have been in touch with a few people if we hear back from them we will let you know by pm. We got a solicitor who is helping us we can pass you the number if you wish.
  15. Hi madace. You are in the same position as us, we bought a car in April 08 for it to be took from us in December 08. Please read the thread ARE YOU A THIRD PARTY VICTIM. We had part f our story in the Daily mirror in march if you send private message we can pass you some names and numbers that may be of use to you. Will not give them out over public view as you never know if lbl are looking here.
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