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  1. I sent her both your response and this was her response: Her response He took me to get the car I Paid 4it I signed everything my name on all the paperwork, the only reason why it said he brought the car without my consent was cause alot of people were advisin me what to say and some one advised me to say that, so it would help, but it has not. So it was my car I paid for it my signature went to the dvla, he just told me to put it on his address, he said he was going to help me do it up....etc then he never gave it back after that.
  2. Thanks for all your replies. I spoke to my friend and asked her to email me with information about the whole parking fine incident and below is what she emailed back. I hope this can give you a better understanding of the situation. The reason she didn't know about the tickets was because the guy had the car registered at his address with her name so all the tickets went to his address. In the end the council asked her to register the car at her address then sent her one letter containing all the ticket fines etc. I really do feel sorry for
  3. Need some advice for a friend of mine. a guy she use to see bought a car in her name without her consent. She doesn't drive neither does she have a full UK license, even the police had knowledge of the situation because it was used to commit an offense and she was cleared of all charges. This same guy put her in hospital and she went through the process of getting a restraining order etc. She has a crime reference number to prove all this. The total amount of the fines was about £4000 but was brought down to £2430 so far she has bee
  4. Just called the number on the CCS letter. Well there were 2. 1 was for payment which they stated is automated and one is to get through to their offices. I rang this number and the 1st thing I heard was "welcome to tfl our staff are here to help, please treat them as you wish to be treated yourself". Anyway I got through to them and to cut a long story short the most I could get them to do was split the 200.38 into 4 monthly payments starting from the 31st of march. Still hard for me but that will have to be my last option if I can't have it stretched to 5-6 months. I really wanted to sp
  5. Today I actually received a reply to the letter I sent to TFL, the letter they sent was written on the 23rd of march and they state that the TEC (traffic enforcement centre) are unable to deal with my query and that if I wish to make an arrangement to pay I have to contact my local authority concerned. All payments should be made to the local authority to resolve this matter they say. What am I suppose to do now? They already forwarded me to baliffs because they had not goten round to reading my letter. What would my options be now? Should I still contact CAB tomorrow? or should I contact
  6. What is a notice to owner? I received a letter from CCS saying I have 14 days to pay that's it. Now I'm really starting to bug out as I just managed to pay of equita debt for a parking ticket fine. I don't know what I'm going to do.
  7. When things settled down in Uni and my stress issued calmed down I decided it was time to sort out all my debt. I gather up all the info I needed and wrote letters to each creditor and provided a budget sheet showing how much I earned and how much I could pay each creditor. I sent these letters out recorded delivery. Today I received a letter from CCS Enforcement Services Limited I(Civil Enforcement Officers) saying they had been instructed by Transport For London to recover £185 and that there was a baliff fee of £15.38. I am so angry because I know TFL received my letter beca
  8. I purchased a Sony Ericsson T303i for my girlfriend to use on the 13th of Jan. On the add it clearly stated the following: Sony Ericsson T303i Pink Clearance Combi £30 + £5 Web n Walk 12m Acer Aspire 5315 Laptop Clearance + £90 Automatic Cashback PLUS 1 Month FREE Insurance (£5.99 pm thereafter, can be cancelled) and VIP Gadget Helpline FREE for 1 month (£2.99 a month thereafter) (order confirmation saved in an email and printed out) Today I when browsing through my t-mobile account online I realised that they had instead put me on the combo 35 + £5 web n walk package. Eit
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