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  1. Thank you all sometimes it helps to sound off.
  2. they have the default listed as May 07 so off in June 2013 but my point is they have already served me with default back in 2007 so how can they serve anoyher. They want to report only partial information to CRA when dat protection states it must be accurate. They state they are not obliged to send copy of agreement which they should I have spoken to them since this post and they are looking into correcting all the D on the file.
  3. Background I had money problems 6 yrs ago and this company was one om the creditors. I fell behind and then had an arrangement to pay which I have maintained for over 5 yrs without fail and also increased when I could at their request. I am now at the stage where my monthly payment would exceed the minimum payment required. I noticed on my credit file that they constantly report "D" every month. This month I was in a position to offer a partial settlement which they refused, I wrote to them requesting a copy of my agreement as I believed If I started there I could
  4. Hya, Sorry for the delay. The card is with BArclays HAve written for copy of agreement . I will send seperate letter as I want them to check charges etc. Also checked my credit file and the company Checkmyfile have been reporting my status each month as D which looks awful. I have also queries this as I believe you can only default once . I had a rough few months which caused the default in the first place but came to an agreement with them and now my payments are above what the minimum payment would have been
  5. have been paying a credit card company Arrangement to pay for the last 5 yrs have increased the payment and now my payments are on track weel above minimum payment per month but when I asked if I could return to normal payment (currently paying more than equal to MIn Payment) they declined saying it had gone on too long and the account was closed. I didnt want the card back just trying to repair my record from earlier problems. I dont thinl they have an agreement as they promised to send on and never have also I want them to review excessive charges etc so I am star
  6. I should know this but the deeper I read the more unsure I am which to use. Under which section of the CCA should I request an agreement with the £1 postal order. I know not to sign it but print my name but I read somewhere if you make request under the wrong section the company have a way out Can anyone advise please Thank you
  7. Approx 6 yrs ago i had financial difficulty and I made and arrangement to pay a certain amount each month with the credit card company. I have maintained that payment throughout and when they have contacted to see if I can make an increase in payment I have done so. I am to the stage now where my monthly repayment is more than the minimum payment that woul be due. I enquired re going back to minimum payment but they told me my account was closed and if I did interest would then apply so common sense told me I may as well have the full monthly payment come off the balance rather than interest,I
  8. have a charge on my property and it is my intention to get it removed. The charge was obtained by a company whilst another company was also dealing with the account. Briefly I was in DMC and had supplied all details that I had of creditors. They made payments on my behalf which went on for about 18 months. There were problems with this company and I dispensed with their services and took over everything myself and have slowly been working my way through everything. The things that have come to light are unbelievable. This particular case is where the company instructed 2 collection agenci
  9. Wow as I was writing the last reply it crossed with the other posts, Ok read the case and not such a good result. But I still have to ask how can the companies report default on an agreement that they cannot prove they have, they cannot legally enforce, and with the 6 year rule is that six years from your first default as they put default every month or 6 years from when they stop
  10. Thank you for the response, I may have just found something in a template under S, DPA. where it says if they cannot provide an enforcable agreement then they must stop processing my details and iformation as with no agreement there is no permission to do so, On my credit file all the companies concerned have me as default with no agreement so will be chasing Still looking for anymore infor though if anyone can help. I am bit of panic having seen my file and want to sort it. I am getting strict with them now no agreement no money and default to be removed
  11. Morning all If a company either cannot or will not supply an enforcable agreement, can they put a default on your credit file. I am thinking if there is no agreement then no they cant. I am aware soemwhere there is a template to ask do you or do you not have an agreement and if they dont then they cannot lawfully process any dat which includes entries on you file. If any one knows can you please let me know if I am right. If I am right then my camapaign starts now Thanks for reading
  12. I have just read this with interest, I have posted (yesterday) a question asking if sold and assigned is the same nd it involves H&L and also Sigma. The circumstances are the same .A letter was sent to another person to my address from M&S and sigma Red Silly but I called them nd asked them who this person was then they sent letter (each of them) to me saying sorry but they believed no private info could be obtained by the other person then the phone calls started by H&L. I had the number barred from my phone as they were calling 5 tims a day,and hubby had suffered 2 heart attacks
  13. Briefly as I can. Have asked M&S for copy of agreement since 2009 they sent copy of application form and T&C from 2008 so not enforceable, went to Financial Ombudsman who could not get involved as to whether enforceable or not.it went back to M&S. Nothing heard for quite some time no correspondence since Jan 2011. Jaan this year received letter to my address for Mr xxxxx dont know who he is but it says they sold my account to Sigma and I was to pay them. Sgma wrote as well to same man syaing they bought it. Silly me I asked them who this is and why are they writing to him at my
  14. have read all th replies with interest and it has certainly opened my eyes. An update for you. We informe the company that we do not want calls from them, we will record any calls they make, we will not go through any security over the phone, we will neither confirm or deny any address details and requested the caller to please make note of time and date of call and who has instructed them to call as it will be put before the county court by our legal rep. no further calls received to date and interestingly no letters which again suggests they are fishing fr info will keep you updated
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