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  1. Definitely. :o) I'm going to have to cover my bases. Even if they do renew my overdraft, I think I'll just chip away at it with the £50 per month. Maybe eventually clear it. I can't cope with the worry. Thanks for the advice. I'm a bit calmer now. :o)
  2. I actually have an account with the Alliance and Leicester that I never use. So I'd have to set up my direct debits there and have my benefits paid into that account. However, will this not inflame the situation with the Halifax? I won't find myself in more trouble? I was hoping they may accept around £50 a month. Do you think they'll add horrific charges??
  3. Hi there, My £1250 authorised overdraft with the Halifax is due to be reviewed in May and it's come to my attention this evening that I could be in for some severe financial penalties if I don't get this money paid off asap. I'm very ill and therefore don't work. I live on benefits, so paying back the full amount would take a considerable period of time. I've had the overdraft for about 10 years and I'm always up to the maximum amount each month. I'm scared to phone them to ask for advice (and reassurance) in case it provokes them. Am I likely to be expected to pay back the overdraft immediately??? Is there a chance they might start charging me heavily (I heard it could be £2 a day) for an authorised overdraft. I've got myself into quite a state about this which merely exacerbates my condition. Any advice at all would be welcome. Thanks.
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