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  1. after a crash (not my fault) repairs were carried out by garage A as nominated by insurer's. Forward a caouple of years and garage B tell me that my car will not pass its MOT as the head light is a european spec one not UK. I contact garage A who said they would get back to me after reviewing my file. Garage B then call to say if i don't give go ahead then they won't have time to swap the headlight, MOT will fail and I won't be able to tax my car the following day. I need my car to get to work and get my children to school. Garage A said they had spoken to Garage C who had supplied the p
  2. thanks folks. No i didn't tell them the house was being sold next week. I will CCA them and all other creditors. LTSB (or BLS on their behalf) are threatening to send a doorstepper so the additional bit in cerberusalert's letter will be useful for them.
  3. Hello, Does anyone have any experience of this? I got a letter from Optima Legal saying that if I didn't pay then they would be applying for a charging on my house. So i phoned them nad they went through my budget which i had sent them already courtesy of CCCS. Well they then said that some if the figures were missing and said that i had to amend my gas/electricity payment as i am currently paying £175. So i was given a direct line number to phone with details of why i am paying that much and for how long. They might then be able to put me on the severe hardship programme. I can go
  4. Hi thank you for the reply. I should have requested a CCA before now. If i do it now then the 10 day deadline will have passed. I just wondered if it is worth me trying now or if that will harm my chances later if they don't accept. I should add that as well as the above ccs i have a £900 electricity bill as they took 6 months to prepare a final bill as well as 8 months of arrears on mortgage and secured loan to pay. The mortgage company are currently applying to reposses the house although we have started proceedings to sell the house privately and are due to complete next Friday so hope
  5. Hi, I have 2 defaulted accounts with Lloyds TSB. one for £14099.50 and the other for £5538.69. I am currently paying them £1 for each account per month as advised by CCCS. They have had the inhouse debt collection agency after me and have now had BLS also an inhouse lot to phone me. Well today i received a letter dated the 12th saying i had 10 days to contact them to accept a 50% settlement figure for the £14099.50 account. What i want to know is what is the lowest % figure they are likely to accept? As well as these 2 i have an MBNA £10,500 and Barclaycard £4,500 to clear. T
  6. Thank you everyone. I think my parents are worried that if we try and sell the house and it sells for less than the amount that we need to payoff the secured loans then we will be worse off. we are going to see them tomorrow for a more in depth talk. my mum's bp has gone through the roof today and i feel awful and that i don't want to get them involved. they on the other hand feel that as they are financially more than able to help then i shouldn't end up in a bedsit with 2 kids when i can stay in my house. thank you all for your thoughts they do echo my own. i do know that ge
  7. yes but i already owe my parents £15k plus the £25k they gave me for my deposit. they have said they don't want me to pay them back but if i had the money i should. also even if i didn't the money would be gone before long i expect.
  8. thank you both for your replies. i have a letter from Britannia and spoke to GE yesterday so waiting for a letter. I don't have a full statement of arrears should i ask them for 1? I haven't sent a SAR yet as i didn't want to **** them off! Neighbours house has just gone up for £215k and although it's smaller is in better decorative order. The combined payments are £1300. so yes i wanted rid of the stress which is why i told both lenders that i wanted to sell and pay them off but i wouldn't have enough for rent.
  9. hi, i have got a mortgage for about £63k and a secured loan for £73 on my property. The secured loan is through first national/GE Money and the current apr is 12.5% and the amount i owe is now much greater than i started with 4 years ago. This has led us to fall 6 months in arrears with both payments. I have finally had to come clean to my parents as i decided to sell the house and pay both lenders off. my parents feel that it would be better to limit my losses for them to buy the property and then i can pay them £600 a month. Both lenders have agreed that they will give us 3 months
  10. As title says i sent MBNA £1 token payment with proforma financial hardship letter that CCCS sent me and income/expenditure sheet. MBNA thanked me for sending the budget sheet and asked me to call them to discuss my situation. Should i call or conduct any exchange in writing only. What should i say in my letter? thanks.
  11. i did have a letter weeks ago from their solicitors telling me i had to pay the full balance witihn 7 days but nothing since i wrote to them to say i didn't have the money. having spoken to ccs it seems i don't have more than a £1 a month to offer them so will have to wait and see. Thanks.
  12. thank you cerberusalert. i haven't yet but i will...it's on my list of things to do at the weekend. will post them up once i've got them. is it too late to ask if i've been defaulted or if the solicitors have got involved?
  13. hi, i have sent all my creditors my income/expenditure sheet as advised by my cccs counsellor. i also sent the offer of token payment letter with a token payment. One of my creditors Lloyds TSB have defaulted me due to sporadic/non payment (2 cards) over the last few months. I have had letters from their solicitors and also now getting phone calls from MHA collections which i believe is there in-house dca. I sent the letter and token paymentsx2 on 25/2/09. i also asked for my phone number to be removed from file as i don't want calls all day everyday which is what the call centre have been
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