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  1. What will happen when the DVLA cease to issue real tax discs. The European Police will then have to consult the EUCARIS database held in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. That database does not include the validity of the Excise Duty payment only the date of first registration and the name of the registered keeper. That name is often inaccurate since the best the DVLA have achieved is 1 in 35 of the registered keepers of vehicles cannot be traced from the vehicle register it often as bad as 1 in 23 therefore they rarely bother. Other police forces do not have access to that data and simply r
  2. I have subscribed to that thread.
  3. Has anyone else had the misfortune to have their application form to register an imported vehicle tampered with so that the vehicle is then made to appear much older than it actually is. If so please contact me with the details. Big Bill
  4. Don't hold your breath! but you may be lucky as the Bike was first registered in the EU. After 2004 the Directive EC 37/1999 applies and the harmonised parameter date of first registration is defined as the date on which the vehicle was administratively authorized to enter service in road traffic identified and issued with a serial number known as the registration number for the first time. That is defined in UK legislation by Regulation 10A of the Road vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002. As far as tampering with the application form is concerned; according
  5. The Registered Keeper is not necessarily the owner of the vehicle and very few Keepers can actually prove that they own the vehicle. The registered keeper does not necessarily need a driving license so making your aged aunt who is registered blind the registered keeper solves a lot of problems. The vehicle owner (who is not registered by the DVLA and cannot be located by the DVLA) can permit any licensed driver who has his own "Any other vehicle" insurance policy to drive that vehicle without the knowledge of the registered keeper. Thus limiting the powers of the BPA to practically nil.
  6. Has any one else noted that the Protection of freedoms Act that came into force in October 2012 also amended the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. It expanded the definition of road (highway maintained at public expense) to include "or other land". The Secretary of State for Transport ( DVLA) can then by regulation (SI introduced by the DVLA) delegate the powers of the local council to the parking management companies of the BPA. That will mean that a single MP ( Mike Penning ?) will have the power to reverse the Protection of Freedoms Act and legalize the the clamping and t
  7. The DVLA's own annual reports (available on-line) show that over the last few years they cannot trace the registered keeper of a vehicle from their Vehicle Register in between 1 in 23 and 1 in 34 cases. The target is better than 4%. The situation with the Driver Register is even worse where the driver cannot be traced from the record in nearly 25% of cases. The target is 20%. How on earth can they be allowed to continue issuing penalties "from the record" with that level of inaccuracy.
  8. Make certain that you do turn up on time at the court because in these cases the court automatically finds you guilty if you do not turn up. The DVLA might be using misinformation to cause you to be found guilty in your absence.
  9. Somebody is telling lies and I wonder who?
  10. These regulations are made under powers in section 7A of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994, as amended by the Finance Act 2002. The amendments cover continuous registration and the power to enforce directly from the record, and create a new criminal offence of being the registered keeper of an unlicensed vehicle. They give specific powers to the Secretary of State to levy an automatic supplement on those keepers who fail to license their vehicles on time. The regulations set the level of the new penalty for those who are served with notices following their failure to license t
  11. The legislation actually allows 28 days between expiry and a SORN application look it up your self. The DVLA and their cohotrs may tell you different. The DVLA cannot fine you they apply a penalty charge that can only be recovered through the courts. It is not a "fine" only the courts can Fine you.
  12. Lonerider Can you please contact Big Bill (you have my email if not PM will do) have some important news for you.
  13. In this years accounts for the year 2009-2010 the DVLA admit that the Vehicle register is only 97.1% accurate ( 96.7 previous year) which means that there are about 1.25 million vehicles whose record is inaccurate. That probably accounts for the majority of the so-called uninsured vehicles on the road. the rest are hardly going to be put off. A young lad buys a very cheap car for cash with ten months MOT and tax then gets someone with a declared interest to insure it RTA only for a few pounds and lo and behold it passes all roadside checks. Only the lad driving is not insured. and alread
  14. CEO of the DVLA (Simon Tse was Noel Shanahan)---- 01792 782798 ---- [email protected] (was Noel shanahans personal assistant )[email protected] .uk (CEO's Office) Head of Local Services Network (David Marshalsay)( also Ann Jones)--- 01792 788 233 --- [email protected] k Head of Customer Services and Compliance(Mrs Alison Wolley)---01792 788 225 Drivers customer services----01792 782 255 Switchboard? --- 01792 772232 Always ask to be transfered internally and do not allow them to put you off by ringing the 0870 or any other number. Don't forget to put 141 in fro
  15. It seems that the DVLA will be in charge of Continuous Insurance Enforcement with all th problems that will bring. I wonder how they will cope with a neighbour's land rover. He uses it intermittently for "Mud Plugging" and only insures it for those occasions. For the rest of the year he allows me and several others to use it on our own "RTA only" insurance (You bend it you mend it). The present wording of the law cannot cope with that just as it cannot cope with hire cars that are only insured during the hire period and lease hire cars where the registered keeper has the responsibility
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