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  1. It's 6 months full pay, six months half pay. I need to give a few months notice so I will be resigning whilst taking the accrued annual leave, (6 weeks) just before I visit the GP again. My husband says to take 6 months off sick but to me that's taking the wot sits and not my style. I just want out as painlessly as possible and finally close the chapter of the horrible tale. Whilst ever its hanging over me it's a festering wound. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and if I'd known before what I know now I'd just have taken SMP. Feels like I've wasted the last 10 years there, it's counted for nothing.
  2. Thank you so much for responding. I've already been to see the GP, the same GP that's been treating me throughout. Hopefully, I'll find something else at a different location beforehand. Many thanks again.
  3. Hi there Its been a while since I posted and I could do with some advice. My previous thread related to bullying/harrassment in and out of the work place by my husbands ex and her friend who both work in the same dept as me and him. They also involved my ex (who doesnt work there) whereby the 3 of them sent a 9 page email to all and sundry telling such lies that I had to call the police, who only dealt with him as he signed it. In my opinion the organisation let me down badly. There are too many events to mention here, but I was off work ill for 5 months and was in fear of my life as my ex is a nutter and had made threats throughout our relationship if I were to find any one else etc. I also received hate mail at home (whilst I was off ill), which looked to have been written on behalf of my husbands ex. As far as I am aware I am unsure as to how far this was investigated, I made a complaint to my head of department in March 2011, I have yet to have any outcome letter in writing. I went on maternity leave in February this year and honestly thought that with the passage of time I would be able to return to work without issue/fear. This is not the case, the thought of returning is making me ill, as bad as when this all started to happen. My husband is just about to change jobs, so I would not feel safe at all at work. These two women are the lowest of the low and as far as I can see, any sanction IF any was given has had no effect. When I returned to work last October, my husbands ex was constantly in my office on some pretext to talk to the men in there. I know exactly what she was doing and it was intimidating as I am a manager and she is not, therefore it would be me accused of bullying if I told her to leave the office and to call my colleagues rather than trotting in every 5 minutes. I did raise this with my manager at the time but was told nothing could be done and she could communicate in which way she pleased. I was frightened every time I had to go to the ladies, walk down a flight of stairs for fear of being pushed, the list goes on. I have come to realise that there is no way on earth I can see myself surviving going back there. Because of the OMP I am contracted to go back for 13 weeks minimum. 6 of these weeks are taken by annual leave, my question is if my GP certifies me ill for the remaining 7 weeks, will this be enough for me not to have to repay OMP as it is a large amount, which I do not have. I seem to be in a no win situation. I am a member of a union but no one will answer the question for me. I am in no way trying to defraud this organisation and have been trying to get another job for the same organisation but elsewhere as this would solve the problem. I am tired of worrying about it, I cannot even face walking on site. I am fit for work, but not there. I'd be grateful for any answers. Many thanks
  4. Yes I checked my credit file, I was associated with someone I shouldn't have been and got that removed a few months ago, my score was 972 so I can't understand it. If it's not the electoral role I'm scuppered as I want to apply for a mortgage next year.
  5. Hi thanks for responding, I've tried co-op in feb, Barclays and first direct. No I havent asked them. I've cancelled some accounts incl credit cards I didn't use as I thought that might make things a bit better. The only different thing I've done is get married and no longer have a mortgage as I sold my house last year
  6. Hi guys I am confused, trying to get another current account as currently with RBS and dont want to be a Santander customer (been with RBS since 1988). Since Feb this year I have tried 3 different banks and they all refused, even for a basic current account. I am well paid, had same employer for nearly 10 years, do not overdraw, have savings, 1 credit card with nothing on it, never been in arrears with anything. Theres nothing on my credit file that I can see. I moved house to live with my now husband last year and asked to be put on the electoral register 2 months ago. Can someone suggest what I can do? Many thanks
  7. Hospitals are legally obliged to keep physical medical records for 8 years, 25 years for children. However test results may still be held electronically.
  8. Lots of GPs are not taking on new patients, if you find this call the local health authority who will allocate you a surgery.
  9. In November 2011 I contacted Repairworld Rotherham (now known as Comart ITM)about a fault on my PC, they quoted for repair, I paid with my bank card and they duelly collected my PC for repair. The next 2 months I kept phoning trying to find out what was happening, only to be told last week that the parts they quoted for have been fitted but has not solved the problem and the machine does not work at all now. I was told that I will not get a refund as they have done what I requested. I stated that they quoted the repair on my discription of the problem. I was told there is no point going round in circles, there is no refund and your item will be returned 1/2/2012. I still have not received my broken PC. How can I get a refund and my PC but back to the stae it was when it went in?
  10. It's all down to money I'm afraid. PCTs are cash strapped these days and are now nit picking at everything to try and avoid paying for hospital treatments. You would not believe some of the excuses! Hospitals can no longer afford to subsidise the PCT by treating patients for free, (which they do every year as they often over perform their targets). PCTs can argue that if a GP did not refer a patient to a particular specialty, they shouldn't have to pay for it. It's the patient that suffers in the end, if you trust a consultant enough to refer to them, shouldn't you trust their judgement enough to refer on, if clinically appropriate?
  11. Unfortunately that's what I'm thinking, do you have an address for them, I can't seem to find one. Many thanks
  12. Pipex haven't been in contact, I got a letter from the bank saying PIPEX had tried to take the DD, not heard anything from Pipex, concerns me that the new owner may be using the landline and Pipex will try and make me pay for the calls even though the property is not mine.
  13. Hi everyone I moved out of my home this Feb, continued to pay bills etc via DD. Had the pipex broadband switched off in April, no problem. Sold my property a week ago, called pipex to cancel the account, got put through to 4 different people all who said they could not help me. I gave up, went on the website, clicked contact us and emailed them to explain. Not had any response other than they have tried to take money from my bank account. I did tell the operators I had cancelled the DD and that the landline had not been used since Feb this year which they confirmed. I don't owe any money but I can't seem to get them to acknowledge I no longer own this property, what do I do? Many thanks
  14. Thanks for the pep talk, husband is completing a SAR as we speak, I have a copy of his grievance submitted to use as a template.
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