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  1. Many thanks, I'll send the letter on Monday.
  2. Kays have written to me and said they are not pursuing the debt as they failed to provide me with a CCA. However, the day after this letter arrived I received 6 defaults. This was quoted in another thread; The letter saying they are not pursuing the debt was one day before the date on the defaults, so basically they issued me with defaults after they said they were not pursuing it. (They were in dispute anyway as 12+2+30 days had passed) Is this lawful for them to do this with no CCA, can they put anything on my credit file and if not is there a template letter anyw
  3. Received a reply, terms and conditions from 2005, application form (same piece of paper as in post #1) and statements. I presume this is not a CCA? where do I go from here? Thanks
  4. Right their 12+2 is up and no reply to that letter, what next?
  5. I've just received the same as the OP but with different amounts, but they have also sent a copy of their 2008 credit agreement with no name and address or signatures on it. Account was taken out in 2001 LOL I send them the same letter?
  6. I will do no doubt they will come back with a reply to that. They have already offered me a FAF, probably because they know they don't have the correct paperwork
  7. Thanks Tendogs, yes well that's what it says in the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I'll amend and get it sent off, thanks very much for your help.
  8. Could I get some advice on that letter please? as I want to send it on Monday. Is it OK? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the welcome. I currently have KPR DCA chasing me for this debt, I have offered what I can afford and have been paying what I offered, they are not accepting my offer and continue to add interest and default charges, so this was my next step. Would this letter be OK to send?; Dear Sir/Madam Re Account No/Reference No:: ........... I do not acknowledge any debt to your company. I wrote to you by Recorded Delivery ( Ref: .......) on 19th February 2009 asking for a copy of the above agreement together with the relevant information under Section
  10. I sent a CCA request on the 19th and got this back, just that no other pieces of paper; Is this a true CCA and if not which letter do I need to send now?
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