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  1. hi Ok so far to date ive had agreements back from most companies except these:- Virgin - applied for online -havent sent anything not even a response - yet have refered our file to a debt collector only after being 2 weeks late on a payment - this debt collector keeps ringing! NEXT -still claiming they dont need to give me a document HSBC - are chasing me for missing one payment last month but still have not responded to my request. They keep ringing askign for money. How do i proceed with these 3 - they have had there maximum time limit - they have had an account in disp
  2. Thats excellent thank you - i will send this letter off! the only query i have relating to this is where they state they dont have to legally provide a signed copy just a true copy. Under the sec 3(2) cancellations and copies of documents - it states that no signature or signature box be required? Whats that all about? I understand that NEXT would have to supply a court with the original agreement as signed by me to be able to claim the money - so why are they telling me they do not legally need supply it to me? xx
  3. hi there I need some advice on a copy of a unsigned true copy of credit agreement sent to me by NEXT PLC. I orginally wrote to all my debts asking for the credit agreements - i wrote this originally on 20/01/09. I then decided to do it properly as i hadnt heard off them and have written to all my debts again with the £1 fee and the proper letter asking for the credit agreements. This later letter was sent on 20th feb 09. so far: NEXT have sent twice now - a blank credit agreement not dated signed etc - looks like a print off a PC. They have also stated on their letter that came w
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