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  1. bullyuk

    Hmrc chasing paye

    And that I should refuse and say they have no right to chase me personally. The paye was for myself and 2 other employees of the old company. Could they chase me for my paye??
  2. bullyuk

    Hmrc chasing paye

    No payments taken out and I was only director. Company closed owing me directors loans. I just didn't know if there were certain things HMRC could chase even with comapny closed but my new accountant tells me the company was liable for its debts not me as an Ex director.
  3. bullyuk

    Hmrc chasing paye

    Fully dissolved and paye for employees
  4. bullyuk

    Hmrc chasing paye

    Fully dissolved
  5. bullyuk

    Hmrc chasing paye

    Morning. We closed a Ltd company down late last year and had the confirmation it was officially ceased trading in Feb this year. I now have HMRC chasing £1000 in unpaid PAYE. Can they chase me as old director of a ceased company??? Many thanks. Gary
  6. Evening all.....just a quick note to anyone who has followed my dealings and posts ....... i went into court today against the ex franchisee of logbook loans and won....the case was thrown out of court with the ex franchisee getting a good bollocking along the way. Its all over and sorted now............a long long journey but with thanks to eveyone from this site we have won. Many many people to thank which I will be doing over the next few days......had a few too many beers at the moment........what a great day !!!! cheers gary also known as bullyuk
  7. QUICK POST as work to do but wanted to let everyone know that the case against me in Brighton County Court this morning by the ex franchisee of LOGBOOK LOANS LTD was won by myself. The claim for £5300 pounds by the claimant was dismissed and the case thrown out. Hows that for sweet victory. The judge also had some harsh words for the claimant. I have many many people to thank and will get back later to do just that. With all the help from this site I prepared my statement of facts and had all exhibits ready for the court. The judge actually praised my preparation whereas t
  8. thanlk you......i realised this morning but could not ind out how to do it. much appreciated. bullyuk
  9. Evening all. I have written a few threads on here and receviued many many helpful answers and advice so quickly wanted to let you knowe that the day has finally arrived and we go to court on Tuesday 16th March - 2 days !!!! Basically I took a loan after calling LOGBOOK LOANS as we all know them. This guy turned up but not to my home address but my workplace and looked at my car and paperwork and asked me to sign paperwrork. This i did and he gave me cheque for £4000 and left (4 minutes in total.) All I did was sign the paperwork and thats it....did not date or anything. An
  10. afternoon......yes he should have a dance.....the basic principle of getting a loan is that they secure the loan to the car.....if they knew the car had broken down and even signed the paperwork at side of road then the rep was doing a dodgy deal and it was not legal. they clearly state that the car must be kept at al times road worthy and with full mot and insurance. He was doing the loan for the money only. Basically my little knoeledgfe tells me that if he knew the car was broekn down and then they knew you were scrapping it then go ahead and have a dance as they cannot touch you. the o
  11. morning all....especially applecart.....you have helped so much with me getting the facts right ready for my court case which is scheduled for next thursday in brighton county court.....i have applied to adjourn to look into the insurance side as it effected me to the point my nsurance was cancelled on me...... BUT main reason for writing is trhat I have had contact with the ex franchisee that is taking me to court next week. he has offered me to just pay b ack the 4000 i borrowed and we both leave matters . i have already paid over 2500 so that would mean another 1500 to clear the matter
  12. evening caro......i cant speak for all other franchisees but i do know that the guy i am dealing with does have his own consumer credit licence. I have checked but its weird as his trading name and the name he has on the actual licence is HEWGOLD LTD T/A LOGBOOK LOANS. Name a bit too close to the original me thinks.....!!!! i mean the franchisees are doing the same thing as logbook loans and actually working for them...well at least the guy i am dealing with did until sacked. surely if they offer the same loans and do the same thing then revocation of the licence for logbook loans must
  13. hewgold ltd t/a logbook loans (exact wording)taking me to court and particulars of claim are "mr ******* took a loan out with Hewgold Ltd on the 4th April 2008. This loan ref ********* was due to finish on 15th May 2009. There is an outstanding balance on the loan of £******" And thats it. His name is not even the same as on the credit agreement or his consumer credit licence. His company name is HEWGOLD LTD T/A LOGBOOK LOANS. Cheers Bullyuk
  14. evening all.....for those that have helped me in the past my court case is in court next week with the guy who had the franchise with logbook loans and gave me the loan.......thanks to everyoen for invaluable help... i hav ealso started another thread abut insurance......does everyone know that the moment you take a loan thats secured on your car your insurance is invalid and void. !!!!!! Mine was cancelled 2 weeks ago after a crash which was not my fault....the other side accepted repsonsility and were paying but mt insurance company found a bill of sale registered and that I had breached
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