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  1. Basically the judge said a contract was formed, the signs were valid, they can charge what they like even though it costs nothing to park there, there is a loss for the shops as by parking there you stop other people parking there and I lost the case.
  2. Yeah fingers crossed. So once it hits 14 days I can relax? I mean I got told to relax when I got an Excel parking ticket and it didnt stop them screwing me over at the courts
  3. Is the day of the offense still day 0 even if it was at 23:30 hours? Are they likely to be more lenient as it was so late at night? Thank you,
  4. I thought they had to issue it within 14 days?
  5. Anyone able to advise, I'm quite worried
  6. I have someone checking my mail for me while I am away. When is the typical timeframe you receive a ticket? About a week?
  7. Thank you for your replies. Yes it was a Gatso camera. I just remember seeing a slight flash but the car behind had its headlights on so I'm not sure. I'm just worried that I will receive the speeding penalty if I get one whilst I am away and they increase the points to 6 and fine to £1000 if I do not respond to them.
  8. Hello guys, I just have a few queries about speeding tickets. I was recently out driving late at night and was over taking another car, as I was pulling back across I saw the speed camera lines (didnt see the camera at first) so slowed down. Now I saw a flash behind me but I'm not sure if it was the camera or the other car but I'm pretty sure I wasnt speeding. Now my query is as followed: It has been 2 days since the incident and I have read you are notified within 14 days, is this 14 working days or just 14 days? I am going abroad in 14 days and will be out of the country
  9. Im in the same situation and in court soon, you can read my topic here so good luck with yours
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