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  1. Hi Dx100, This is for the OD transferred case... Yup,all parties were aware I was abroad and I kept giving them address in Indonesia to send correspondence to...chose to ignore that and CCJ me.. My feeling is that a set aside would be too risky given so long after the fact..and the fees... Do I just tough it out and hope they go away, or wait for them to possibly take further action and then react to any action they are taking..? Many thanks
  2. Thanks again, Yup, that was the background to how they gained a CCJ... If I made even a small payment now, is this likely to extend the payment schedule past the 6 years...?I seem to remember that they can still pursue the CCJ after 6 years, even though it has dropped off the register.. Or is this their last gasp at grabbing some money from me? Regards
  3. Many thanks Andy, We do have a property here, and since a previous CCJ creditor did obtain one several years ago, whilst I was abroad this is one of my main concerns... Not sure whether I would be informed of any such application before it was granted.. I am tempted to borrow some money from family, and offer a full and final payment if they are willing to remove the debt from the system... Would I know if they applied for a warrant of control before a knock on the door..? Cheers
  4. Dear All, I had a CCJ lodged against me in Mid 2014 for £1300.00 for a disputed debt with HSBC. I was living abroad at the time , and only found out about this a year or two later. I did not attempt to set it aside, and the matter has lay dormant for several years. I have never made any payments. I am now being chased on the home number and in writing and the letter states : '...if we do not hear from you within the next 10 days from this letter date we may instruct our clients's solicitor Howard Cohen and Co to cons
  5. Thanks Dx...it feels like a fishing trip to be honest,but let's see what the SAR throws up.. I know they were informed I wasn't here several times, and I hadn't heard anything for years until we returned.. Unsure why they haven't penalised me for 2012 onwards until we returned in 2015..? Maybe further penalties on there way.. Cheers
  6. Hi there, I emigrated to SE Asia in 2006, and returned with my family in 2015. Before leaving I had been self employed, and on our return went self employed, notified HMRC and started Self assessment again. I have just received a letter from HMRC stating that I owe nearly 2K in tax and penalties for the years 2006 to 2012, much of which is for non rendering of returns. I can only guess this is a response to my notification that I am back...although this was done nearly two years ago. I did tell HMRC in 2006 I had emigrated and did not receive any returns posted to my
  7. Thanks Ganymede,I will send an email to the Court and see how we are doing..Cheers
  8. Thanks Ganymede,I believe the advice is normally to leave sleeping dogs lie, and not request set aside due to some risks involved..do you think this is true in my case?I have also sent a CCA request to Marlin, and expect that to be unanswered as well. Are there any other actions I should be taking at this time, do you think?Many thanks
  9. Dear All,I received a letter from the Court acknowledging receipt of my defence dated 22 July.The Court also stated Claimant has 28 days to respond before the case is stayed. I guess with postage time we are now upon that, and I have heard nothing.Mortimer Clarke however have sent a letter to my old address, which fortunately my neighbour found and called me. They also claimed this had been emailed to me, but when I asked for evidence of this, all has gone quiet again.They also claim they are still asking their Client for further instructions, which is hilarious since they are in the same buil
  10. Dear Caggers,Just to finalise this one...I had to agree to give my ex half of the Policy value, and Aviva have finally done this...A lesson learned, but at least we can both move on with our lives...in different directions..Cheers
  11. Dear All, A brief update...have received a letter from the Court acknowledging my defence,and stating that the claimant has 28 days or the case will be stayed.. I have also CCAd Marlin and will wait to see if they respond within the 12 plus 2... Cheers all
  12. Not sure why this post has loaded badly on the Site...looks fine on my Windows document... Will double check for grammar etc when loading on MCOL..
  13. Dear All 1. Itis admitted that I the defendant have held an account with Egg. It isdenied that an account was held with Egg under Account NumberXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX which is referredto in a letter from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors dated 19.05.14 2. Thedefendant requested information pertaining to this claim by way of a CPR 31.14request on 02.07.14. The claimanthas failed to respond within the deadline set. 3. Without clarification of the claimants claim, the defendant is extremelydisadvantaged and the claimants claim appears to be without merit. Thedefendant asks to be allowed
  14. Hi Andy and Caggers Particulars of claim shown below: By an agreement between Egg Banking Plc and the Defendant on or around 31.10.2000 "the agreement" Egg agreed to issue the defendant with a credit card upon the terms and conditions set out therein. In breach of the agreement the Defendant failed to make the minimum payments due and the agreement was terminated. the agreement was assigned to the Claimant on 31.01.2013. The Claimant therefore claims : 1. 12k 2. Interest pursuant to section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 namely 5k and continuing until judgement or sooner paymen
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