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  1. apple cart has given good advice..do remember tho if they do not have a bill of sale registered... then they do not have a bill of sale!! wich means they have no right to touch your car.
  2. mobile money will take every penny they can from you if you are not careful. I have forced them to come to court and you can too.I am sure loads of people will offer you advice on here and i will be more than happy to share what i have learned by being forced to go down this road. Any way first things first...check what date you signed the agreement. Now write to mobile money and request a copy of the bill of sale that bears the court stamp clearly indicating the date that the bill of sale was registered.If it was not done in seven days then they have no right over your car and it will make th
  3. browneyedgirl...you need to go to your local court and fill in a form number N1 it will cost you 150 pounds but will stop them in their tracks. you apply for an injunction on the basis that they have threatened to take your car and you are disputing their bill of sale which you believe was not executed properly..ie if you did not sign it in front of an attesting solicitor then in terms of the bills of sale act 1878 ammendement act it is void. also tel him you are having difficulties financially and ask him to freeze the intrest and ask him for and extended time order. Also tell the judge they
  4. you can go to your local court and obtain an injunction which will prevent them from being able to take your car....at the same time ask the judge for a time order which will give you more time to pay. Its not difficult but if they arrive at your door they will take ur ar so get the order NOW.
  5. can someone please help me urgently... i have signed a fixed sum credit agreement...i have also signed a bill of sale and pre contract...i have seen on various occasions that if it is not easily legible then it cannot be enforced...my documents are so small that my computer font size at its smallest (8) is still larger than my contracts...due in court tomorrow lol.
  6. thanks again pmw....would you know where i could get a copy of the cca .. gees
  7. hi pmw sorry to be a pest but i have to serve documents on tues and i am a little confused..is the act you refer to part of the credit consumer act? tks again
  8. fleeced i need a copy of the credit consumers act as i have to file papers by tues and need some help any ideas.
  9. pmw thank you i appreciate your time and you have helped me tremendously. G
  10. thanks for the replies guys.... ok so then pmw can i ask you seeing that they never allowed days for postage on the default notice and assuming it was first class.. do you feel that is a valid reason for me to bring out in court cos if i can prove their default notice was invalid then they have a problem.
  11. so i have a default notice from mobile money that did in fairness allow 14 days but it was posted and not served on me does that make it faulty.
  12. fleeced ...as a matter of intrest have just checked section 8 of bills of sales act 1878 ammneded act 1882 unless bill of sale is registered in 7 days of signing it is unenforceable and void..
  13. you need to go to the closest court to the office of lbl that you dealt with..or where the car is being kept....when i got my injunction the judge got me to serve it on mm.. the only reason i am telling you to check the bill of sale is if it is not valid the judge will be more in your favour.. but as fleeced said earlier get moving on it...dont waste a day!!!
  14. can you tell me what the situation is if they have never registered the bill of sale at court? tks for any help
  15. jf uk go to the supreme court in london and request a search on your name give them a date you signed the contract with lbl and check that the bill of sale was registered. (within 7 days of you signing) this will only cost you a fiver for a copy if you go in personally room e17 at temple high court. do this asap it will help you big time in court for your injunction if they registered late or not at all. good luck
  16. whatsup ohboy...sad for your mates??? things not going your way then...very camp little yawn that was.
  17. Thanks joncris..no they did not like it one bit. At one stage in the hearing it looked like it was going their way and he looked as smug as anything ..but when the judge ruled against them his smugness seemed to desert him.
  18. Yup i realise this ...it is amazing how all the little bits of advice have helped tho...
  19. Well today was my first day in court with mm . They appeared timeously and pushed as hard as they could to have the injunction lifted. I stated my case as fairly as i could with the judge and he ordered the case to go to trial. He also ordered that the injunction i got against them remains and is not to be lifted. Again i realise i have a way to go but this temporary victory is sweet. Especially as they did not take it very well.
  20. At least you have had some advance warning...if i were you i would go to court immediately today!! that is .. and follow frustrated uk advice i did yesterday and got an exparte injuction against mm. it costs £150 and well worth every penny to stop them in their tracks. This will force them to come to court before they can touch the car.
  21. Hi Frustrated i have been dealing via oft and the financial ombudsman to get my case resolved and after nearly 4 weeks of getting there but very slowly i came across your article yesterday and decided why not!! I went to court yesterday in barnet at 1 pm ...i walked out of the judges room at 2.20 with the order granted. I know the victory is partial but man did i feel good...and the judge has ordered them to court within days. The judge also ordered me to serve the document on mm wich i promptly did. At least now they cant sell the car they were so desperate to steal and they have to come t
  22. After lots of consideration and research its true suggest that lbl and mobile money and companies like them set up solely to fleece and prey on people who are desperate to get their hands on money for various reasons. Its true as well that like any well organised mobster they have done their homework and they are aware of loop holes that they exploit. Once you have signed their paperwork (deed of sale) if you take the time to read the small print you pretty much give them the right to do what they like with your car if you miss a payment. Unfortuneately third parties like wecareless som
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