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  1. Hi everyone, I have a Hauck Malibu pushchair, I purchased it second hand from ebay and was told by the seller she hadnt had it very long and looking at it, it did look fairly new. I've had it since september, I got off the bus with it today, the driver couldnt lower the step and the chassis snapped, leaving 2 gaping splits in the metal that my daughter cut straight through her nail on. After a trip to A&E I called their customer services to be told that a warranty isnt transferrable and its not covered. If I want a new chassis it costs £40 (I paid £50 for the pushchair). I believe re
  2. Thanks Erika, I've had previous years with gaps in my NI and they just asked for a payment to fill in the missing amount for the year or if unpaid the amount will reduce my overall pension when I retire. I've been reading some disaster posts on different forums about severely disabled people failing to get the correct amount of points and being told they're fit for work. I'm struggling to get my head round the fact my GP says I'm unfit for work at the moment, why dont they accept that? And if thats the case why bother going to a GP for things like this if you have to have a medical to pr
  3. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBenefits/BenefitsTaxCreditsAndOtherSupport/Illorinjured/DG_10018786 Details I found on SSP
  4. Hi Surfer, thanks for your reply. The minimum amount you have to earn to be entitled to SSP is £97, I get £95.70 a week so I miss it by £1.30 and they take your earnings from the previous 6 weeks and I had time off for my daughter being ill so I really didnt hit the target amount. I already get partial HB and CTB where I pay so much and the rest gets paid by the benefit. I'm not in receipt of any sort of benefit for income, but I do get everything else I'm entitled to.
  5. Hi HB, Yes I have consulted a solicitor regarding the accident. As for NI, I was on IS until May when I went back to work part time, I believe being on IS covered my NI contributions, and now I'm working I pay myself.
  6. Hi all, I'm a bit confused with the whole thing. I was in a bus accident and my gp has signed me off (2 x 2 weeks notes, and 1 x 4 week note.) til the end of this month, possibly longer. I'm £1.30 off the minimum cutoff for SSP so I cant get that and I apparently earn too much for ESA cos I get WTC. So I was told to send my Sick notes in to get my NI covered while I'm off which is fine, but I dont understand why I'm being requested for a medical when they state I'm not entitled due to earnings. I've read a lot of awful stories about people with disabilities failing and quite frankly I hav
  7. so in essence they wont really touch state supplied benefits but they could take my daughters CSA money as its not state supplied?
  8. Hi all, I declared myself bankrupt on the 29th September 2009, and have the interview with the OR on the 6th October 2009, I've been looking through different threads and had some of my fears put at ease by them but I have one worry that seems not to have been covered. I'm on Income Support and in receipt of Child Benefit, Child Tax Credits, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, and am also receiving CSA. Some threads state that the benefits meant for my daughter (CTC, CB and CSA) will be taken into account. I thought these wouldnt be included as they are designed to support my child. Inc
  9. Just to update everyone, after repeatedly sending letters to natwest about my bank charges i've heard nothing since the repeat of the original letter but i did get a letter from IJ to say they'd passed the debt back to the original creditor and they would no longer have any correspondence with me. So no more problems with them.
  10. Update, they've sent another letter asking for £10, even though I put it in capitals that it wasnt a subject access request. What do I do now, send a postal order? cos they have sent an exact replica of the previous letter so they'll just keep sending it in a reply.
  11. The bank have sent me another letter saying: "Further to our letter of March 09, we have not received a reply to our request. We are therefore closing our file on this matter." They sent the 1st letter on the 17th of March, I gave them 21 days prior to this and they haven't offered me the same courtesy! I'm gonna resend the original letter and reiterate its a CPR request not a SAR. Cheeky sods aint they!!!
  12. Now how can I word that so they know its a CPR request and not a Subject Access Request?
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