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  1. That was quick, I have it printed ready. Do you think I will hear from them again after they've received it?
  2. Update I've had a letter today from Response:- Unless I call them to arrange payment they have no alternative but to refer my account to a doorstep collections agency. Refer my account to a solicitors to progress via litigation. They tell me I must contact them now to make payment and avoid further action against me. I took cerberusalert's advice and waited to see what would happen next. As I have said before - I've lived here for 10 years and am debt free. I'm really angry that these people are writing to me. Will sending letter 'M' put an end to their threa
  3. Many thanks 42Man, I'll do that and send it recorded delivery.
  4. Thank you cerberusalert. They have given me 14 days to contact them and pay up. I really don't know if there has been a ccj for this "dept" and it has been 10 years since I moved. I am a little worried to say the least. Would they send a bailiff around after 14 days? Isn't there anything I should do now?
  5. Hello, I'm new here. Hope I've posted in the correct thread. Ten years ago I moved house. Last year I had a letter from Thames Credit inviting me to phone them to discuss the reference number they had quoted. I did't. Last week I had a demand letter from Response Credit acting for Activ Kapital (GE Capital) demanding an outstanding balance. I discovered a ccj on my credit report 6 years ago that would have been taken off in 2006. Have just checked report again and there is nothing adverse on it. Could somebody advise me what action to take please?
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