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  1. The original lender was Capital One and Im in the middle of claiming back the PPI
  2. Thanks Mike, Will Do That Later
  3. So after 7 months after asking for the original of the credit aggrement, Cabot have sent me a paperwork with all the spending i did on the card since i opened it in 2000 with a photocopy of the aggrement. So I now ask what now as they are demanding the £2500 or will go and get a ccj. Can I do anything about this as I do not have the money as im on jsa and im not getting ctc as they overpayed me so already have to pay that back. I was thinking if offering them £1 per week, any suggestions
  4. The reason I am asking I am having trouble keeping up with certain debts that I have, for example one minuate cabot call then the next hl legal about the same debt. Also I HAD A LETTER from Cabot stating that they are sending me the CCA for the debt, and it will take 12 days if it goes over that does it matter? Also I think it is SB as its over ten years old
  5. I have a few debts, not proud of myself but stuff happens. I don't know who is chasing what as I have quite a few places calling me saying they now owe this debt and that. I stopped answering my phone a long time ago and now respond in writing as was getting up to 50 calls a week from various people, is it right that they can keep on passing these debts? Also this site is fantastic, took your advice about the letters and don't get so many calls.
  6. Someone said it may be worth doing this just to get all these Pains off your case, what do you think
  7. Hi I moved into a new property in July, it used to be a bail hostel. Any way I have lots and lots of letters coming through the door for various people and some for tenant, I opened this one thinking it was for me and it said we are looking for Mr Blah Blah, of he no longer resides at this address please send your tenancy aggrement with a signed statement (Ididn't). Now another has arrived saying that they are going to send a doorstep collector, Im worried as I am a single parent and I already have dealings with debt agencies which I am trying to sort out. They have no legal right to come in
  8. Dear Miss ****** Your previous communications addressed to our Miss Paterson have been passed to me for action. I confirm that I am currently investigating the matter and I will issue a response directly to you no later than Friday 11th December 2009. I would advise that your account has been placed on hold pending the conclusion of my investigation. Kind Regards, John J Quinn - Managing Director Quinn's Limited t/a Network Credit Services Tel: +44 (0) 1698 304527 Fax: +44 (0) 1698 300036 Mob: +44 (0) 7764 489269 Web: www.networkcreditservices.com Wh
  9. This is another one who keeps phoning me but will not tell me what the debt is for unless I give them my details. I have found out that they are solicitors but I don't know who they are acting for, have received over 50 calls in three weeks, has anyone had any dealings with them?
  10. Thanks for that, I will send that letter
  11. I had a call today from this very rude lady from the above company regarding a unpaid EDF bill for £500.00, she said if I didnt pay it within a week they would take me to court. I totally forgot about this as I lost my last home and have been made homeless, they are not interested in this at all and said I have not a leg to stand on and the court would bankrupt me unless I paid within a week, has anyone else dealt with these people and has anyone any ideas on what I can do.
  12. A friend of mine has been trying to claim housing benefit since last July 2008. When she first applied they wrote back and said they needed more information, she phone and expaline that she had now got a temporary position for a year and wouldn't be taking her claim further. After four weeks the job decided that there was not enough work so told her to go. So she decided to apply for JSA and housing/council tax benefit again, she kept getting letters saying we need more information, so she kept going in giving them the same old letters. In the meantime she explained to the landlord and letting
  13. I had major problems with my flat, last year I had the yearly gas cheque done and was told by the contractors that the gas cooker was unsafe and that it was leaking and I was told not to use it until a new one was ordered. They didn't pass my gas certificate. So weeks went by and I still didn't hear anything so I went to the lettings agents to enquire and they said that they had not heard anything from the contractors and that the gas cooker was safe. I expalined that no gas certificate was given and they produced a photocopy which was dated a month earlier from the date they came round and
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