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  1. Thanks for the replies. Thats great news. I have some time on my hands now so I am going to chase them. Thanks again for the advice. Steve.
  2. Hi all, Just wondering if there is a time limit for taking action against a bailiff for incorrect fees. From reading articles on here it has become apparent that I was massively overcharged by Marstons for some TFL fines. These were collected by Marstons at the start of 2009. Is it too late to SAR them and attempt to get the fees returned? Any help appreciated, Thanks. Steve
  3. Hi, Just wondering if someone could advise me here please. Iwas made bankrupt in April this year. I have just had 2 letters from bailuffs for 2 warrants for unpaid congestion charges, both just under £200. I do not have the money to pay these. My question is do I have to pay them or do I inform them I am bankrupt and pass it to the official receiver? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. Further to an earlier post. we had a 'bailiff from newlyn this morning claiming to be Simon Draycott. We know he was not Simon Draycott and his first name was Alan. Does anybody know where the real Simon Draycott was this morning? Alan was using Simon Draycotts details to pretend he was certificated. Just a long shot but someone must have been visited by Mr. Draycott this morning. Thanks Steve.
  5. Thanks for the help. We are not having a good time at the moment, JBW yesterday and now this today. At least JBW did not come back as they threatened. We are penniless at present and I now owe a friend £780. If they took it illegally should they be forced to give it back?. I feel so strongly about how we have been treated today that I am prepared to drag them into court if necesary. Steve.
  6. Hi, Unfortunately I had to get a friend to pay them £780 as a lorry arrived and started loading my wifes car. BUT...... I know for a fact that the person who was here was NOT certified. His name was Alan, I and my wife heard him several times referring to himself as Alan when on the phone to his office to get further instructions, but he was pretending to be Simon Draycott, who is on the register and whose name is on the paperwork. I also slighly asked the removal driver the 'bailiffs' name and he confirmed it was Alan. I asked him if he was a certified baillif because we had
  7. Please anybody, I have a bailiff from newlyn sitting outside my house now saying he is waiting for a towtruck to take my wifes car. It relates to an unpaid parking ticket which I got in Islington whilst using her car. The bailiff called last week but we could not pay. he did not levy on anything but has turned up again today demanding £651 which we do not have. I posted about this last week and Tomtubby advised a stat. out of time which we have done and emailed the forms. TEC emailed back yesterday saying one form was wrong and to do it again. I told the bailiff we are filing an oo
  8. Thanks for all the replies & advice. I have left a message for the official receiver to call me. The bailiff has not been back in contact yet...... and the caravan is still here. (unable to move it as my wife is out with the car). Its only an old caravan but its about all we have left. Thanks again, Steve.
  9. I dont think he has levied on it. All he has left is a copy of Enforcement Notice (which is a carbonless copy sheet written directly on) saying that I should pay immediately and with his name and mobile No. Can he take mine and my wifes personal belongings for a debt in a limited company name? There are no company assets, and the car involved,which was registered in the name of the company and belonged to the company was sold 6 months ago. Thanks for your replies, Steve.
  10. Good morning all, I have just had a visit from a jbw bailiff with regard to an outstanding parking fine in the name of my now dissolved limited company. (I emailed jbw after their last letter to tell them the company was dissolved). I told the bailiff this and he said that was fine but he could take goods belonging to me as I was liable personally. He told me my touring caravan would be removed in an hours time if I did not come up with the money. I further informed him that i was made bankrupt on 16th April but he still said the caravan will go and proceded to take pictures of it and m
  11. Can anybody advise me please. I have had a visit from a newlyn bailiff this afternoon demanding £465 for an outstanding parking fine with L.B of Islington. He says I have to call him tonight to pay in full or he will come and remove goods tommorow and the charges will soar. There are 2 issues here, the first being that my husband was using my car when he got the ticket some time ago, and I thought that he had dealt with it. The second is the ammount. It is my understanding that the original fine would have been below £200 when passed to newlyn, and today is the only time anybody has
  12. I have checked the name of a bailiff that has been on 3 occasions to me from Marstonsand his name is not on the list or on the Marstons list. Can I get the money back? Or what other action can I take. Thanks, Steve
  13. Northampton TEC have emailed me forms PE2 and PE3. Do I fill in and send both forms for each PCN ? As they are very similar forms. Thanks for any help.
  14. I am making out of time stat. declarations but can any body give me the dates for the 2 different forms PE2 & PE3 ? I have seen it on here somewhere but cant find it now, so dont know which form to use for each PCN. Thanks.
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