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  1. thanks for all your advice & help, been a week nearly now and still no car back on my drive............ Payment has gone through and they still insisting they have 2 wait 7days before they can return the car to me. told them that i have hospital app to attended but they rnt bothered. I ring them everyday and they put me through to reposessions, giving me the same crap everyday each time i ring. I have tried to be as civilised as i can with them but cant take any more. I speak 2 3 different people in that department and they are always misrable, speak down to me and dam rite nasty.. My lit
  2. i got a £2250 loan with logbook loans now having to repay £7206.72................ im a single mam with 2 kids on benefits and although i know its my fault 4 taking loan out on my car, im in bits. Got numerous letters from them saying repo were coming and charges were added, i paid lbl through my bank and as it takes 4 days to clear into there account aparently so i paid the full amount owed, Repo men were summoned and a month later they turned up at my door asking for my keys,LBL had not spoke to the repo men 4 3 weeks to let them know that the account was on hold whilst payment was go
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