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  1. I had a problem with my six month old Tv (read my thread) Now solved after sending them the consumer rights + getting my solicitor involved a full refund was given back (it took some time )and Now I have a new Tv from the Argos which is of a better specifications and five years warrenty (Argos is the best) . Hope you the best in your claim.It's worth fighting for.Don't be put down on your rights M8.
  2. I see . first my writting is in plain english so easy to read and that is not the point as most users (I think) could read it and get an idea of the problem). so that doesn't bother me. second thing I don't care much about the internal issues of Currys regarding wages, jobs etc as that is there own business which I don't have to worry about or interffer with. all I am worried about is my rights as a customer who paid for a faulty item and came here for advice that's it & other people thoughts on this etc (I belive that's what this site is for) . if I was a trouble maker then I wouldn't
  3. Sorry but is that part to threaten me & others/customers not to complain or to ask for refunds/replacement or lent items and or to speak about any problem with item we buy of the store???well I will put that part in mind next time I want to buy an item that I will be beaten and handed to police if I just complained.who am I to stand aganist that army??? .no man I am just a poor old soul that can't stand all that and will propably die from the first hit,take the tv and take more cash if you want just let me live the rest of my days.Please enlighten me and I will be very thankfull . wh
  4. dear Renzokuken , from reading between your lines I belive you work for a store as mentioned above and had bad expereance from some customers + by the way I have also gone through some of your old posts/history on this site regarding dealing with simeller problems and I feel you are always taking the deffending part for stores like that (nothing wrong with that as it puts there ideas and they way the store thinks and there point of view.good work). Well first I would like to mention that every one is different than the other and also every customer is different than the other and also stu
  5. thank flyingdoc . by the way the guy at the mentioned store looked more than 50ish (so wasn't a young person plus I belive he is from the managment not just a young guy who is new and untrained. well if he got to that position and still untraind then god help us we customers.
  6. dear friend I am not a young person to shout at any one or to be inpolite with any person as I know it's not there fault (there cctv camaer is there and it's a true wittnes they can check if even my voice never went more than a meter ) the problem is at there side as that guy is the one got exited as soon as I told him there is a faulty tv. The problem is that he didn't want to hear any thing all he wanted to hear is you buying more and paying nothing more.
  7. thank for your reply but belive me I am a very polite person but I don't like it when I have the right to be helped in something I paid my hard earned cash in and at the minute I ask for exeplanation being treated rude by people who were very happy to offer there help yesterday before me paying for the item and completly change after they get my money. If they get under paid or under trained I belive that is there problem with there head offices and not something I as a customer has to pay for. If I am wrong please correct me and thanks for your advice
  8. thanks for your rply but if the fault wasn't mine and the tv had a manufature fault while it is still new i belive it fells under the not fit for purpose term (as I don't think a tv is just made by the manufature to only last a few months) also I had a look through other threads on the site and here is part of the regulations Sale of Goods Act 1979. Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994. The Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002. Key Facts: • Wherever goods are bought they must "conform to contract". This means they must be as de
  9. Hi, I bought a 40 inches Samsung LCD TV of currys store 6 months ago from there branch in hove and paid extra for the what ever happens three years warrenty beliving that if any thing would happen to my set I will get it replaced or exchanged in two to three days at most not more (that's why I bought the extra warrenty for plus the tv is still under a year old so I am prootected both ways) any way since the first day I got the tv the picture keept flicking but wasn't much . during august till early november I have been away from home and when I came back the flicking has incresed untill a w
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