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  1. Hi dx Great Thanks. What address I should send it to? I was thinking to send it back to the address that their PPI letter came from, but I will send it recorded delivery and the address shows a PO BOX. Who's gonna sign for it? This is the address Barclays PPI 321Team PO Box 9133 Wigston LE18 9DG Thanks TFD
  2. Hi all Found it. The one for Current Ac was right under my nose. Silly Billy. Still can't find a letter to send with the ppi spready Thanks TFD
  3. Hi all I was browsing and looking and looking and again browsing............. Can't find a letter to send together with both claims. I was thinking to do them myself but I changed my mind, as I don't want to miss to put something on or to put something wrong, something that might make them hang onto. Can anybody point me to some letters that might be the right ones to send together with the forms, please? Thanks in advance TFD
  4. Just need to print the letters and I just need to change the name to the one with the acc charges and they good to go. I will print them in the same day I will send them.
  5. Got it. Thanks Barclays PPI.xls Barclays Account Fees.xls
  6. Hi slick Yes. It was for O/D. Didn't agreed to it. We didn't even know we paid it until Barclays contact us about it. Thanks TFD
  7. Hey dx How do I attach doc's? I've only attached pics on here, so far. Thanks TFD
  8. Hi all Right, all done. What you mean by where was charged, slick? PPI - 347.2 + int = 599.28 Acc - 250.5 + int = 431.75 both by today's date Thanks TFD
  9. Hi slick all together about £250 charges from 2005 till 2009 I think they charge it how they were pleased. I couldn't find any letter to confirm any changes. Was stopped for a few months in 2006 then started again. Didn't even know we pay this. Funny thing is that, they stopped charging this together with the PPI in 07/2009. Thanks TFD
  10. Hi slick So then is ok if I use the same one for both, which is the first one in the link above. Just need to change the title from PPI to account fees, right? Thanks TFD
  11. Found it. Is the one called "Compound Interest" ? Thanks TFD
  12. I can still use the same spread sheet as the one for PPI, right? Thanks TFD
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