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  1. Hi everyone, Just wanted to come back and say a big thanks to all who helped me with this! I've been away from my uni house for teh summer and got back and recieved this letter from Lowell: Dear Miss ***** We write in reference to the above account. Unfortunatly, Vodafone have not been able to supply the statements you requested so after reviewing your account we are prepared to take a commercial view in relation to this matter and as a guesture of goodwill and strictly without any admission of liability, we have decided to close the account and write off any outstanding
  2. Thanks, so I don't have to pay them £10? Whats a form 7? Is this something that they need to levy my non existent car?
  3. I've nothing more to add but just wanted to say good luck - that is scandalous! I'd complain to everyone who will listen about that. Maybe even your local paper - if they are the council's appointed bailiffs then they may have tried it with a few more people.
  4. Hi everyone, I sent off the letters and I received a reply from Jacobs this morning. I foolishly forgot to put a postal order in the envelope so they haven't sent me a statement of account. I'll post it to the in the morning though - I can't wait to see what their charges mean. The letter contains the following paragraph that has got me a wee bit concerned - can anyone help? This is regarding the letter that I sent to the council. I sent a copy of this letter to Jacobs. With reference to the paragraph in your letter to *the council* which relates to us, we advise that our ba
  5. Also, I've been reading a bit - do i need to write to Jacobs and give them chance explain their charges. I've contacted them by phone several times but no joy.
  6. Thank you HC! I'll edit the new letter over the weekend. Apologies for not replying sooner. I've spent that much time and effort on this, I've really neglected my uni work so I disconnected my internet today so i could do a big chunk of it. Anyway I'll post the new letter when done and pay the remainder of the two months worth of council tax directly to the council on Monday.
  7. Wow, thanks! I'm not very good at writing concise letters. I'm going to edit it slightly because I am liable for two months of council tax, from July to August -I moved out of the property in early September - this is where the fees are arising from. Should I be asking for the court and bailiff fees as I am not going to pay them? I was just going to pay the £50.95 remaining as the original bill before all court and bailiff charges was £160.95. Should I ask the authority to use this money to settle the court costs and bailiff fees? I'm a tad confused now...
  8. Thank you Andie! I was starting to think that I was an evil person by the way the speak to me on the phone. I called them a couple of hours ago and the bloke I spoke to was so rude and agressive.
  9. Thanks for your comments: I've knocked up this letter in response - its a cut and paste job but will this do the trick? Thanks I refer to your letter dated 9th April 2009 the contents of which are noted. I refer you to my previous letter in which I demanded written proof this debt is mine. To date I note you have failed to produce a single document which proves I ever had a contract with Vodafone. Firstly I requested a copy of the original contract including my signature, something that you have not provided. Also the so called Statement of Account is simply comprised of a
  10. Part Three! - Sorry this is the longest letter in history and I should be studying!!! Is this bit ok, and will I be acting lawfully by only paying them the £50.95? In light of the above circumstances I have today made a payment to (the council) the sum of £50.95. This comprises the total of the final bill that (the council) allegedly issued on 7th November 2005 £160.95 minus the £110 payments that I have made to Jacobs. Please note that because I am concerned about the legitimacy of the charges that Jacobs have charged to my account, I have paid the council direct through the onli
  11. Part Two! On the 15th April 2009 a Bailiff named *********** visited my house, he made no attempt to knock at the door or ring the doorbell. He left a Notice of Removal which stated I had 24 hours to pay £378.25 or my goods would be removed. This left me upset and baffled. I telephoned the Bailiff on the number supplied and he told me that if I thought there was an error then I needed to speak to the office. He told me he would call me back later in the day. I then spoke to the office who refused to discuss the case with me and said that I could only contact the bailiff. At this poin
  12. Right - after what feels like forever I have done a letter to the council. Please can you have a quick scan and tell me is this is ok? I've XXXX out identifying details. I will post first class recorded on Monday as I can't afford to pay until then. Part 1 -------- I am writing to complain about the service I have received from Kirklees Council and your appointed Bailiffs, Jacobs Certificated Bailiffs regarding my old council tax account xxxxxxxxxxx. The council tax outstanding refers to a property I lived in 2003-2005. For the majority of this time I was a full time student
  13. Hi there, I think I read somewhere on the forums that a council needs to warn you if they intend to pass a liability order to a Bailiff - is this true? I've had a search and can't find anything but I could have swoarn I read something to that effect earlier! Thanks
  14. Thank you, I'm an eejit... I called him just before you posted this, I asked about the charges and he said that I just had to pay them and it was tough. I then told him what I knew about the visit charges being applied being too high and said that I was well within my rights to make a Form 4 complaint to the court. (I phoned the courts and found out that he is certificated this morning!) he then changed his tune and said he would call his office and try and sort it out. He phoned me back about five minutes later and said that the charges were "basic enforcement fees" I asked wha
  15. Thanks for all your help, if you wasn't in Dubai I would get you a pint! Just one more question before I get busy sending off all these letters and complaints. What should I do about the bailiff if he comes today? Can he force his way in? Shall I phone him and ask him whats going on? I'm a bit scared to leave the house incase he comes. Apparently he didn't even knock on the door yesterday
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