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  1. Hi Ghostdebt, So that means cca will come with SAR then? and do i send SAR to Natwest or Triton? Thanks
  2. Thanks GhostDebt, The loan was actually taken out before april 2007, is that enforceable? i havent had any reply to my cca request which was sent in february as well. If the loan is not enforceable then i have a problem with the overdraft because suppose i start working and eventually istart clearing the overdraft then the trouble is i cannot close the advantage gold account as the direct debit for the loan goes from the advantage gold. There will be missed payments and the overdraft will be accumulating again. How do i isolate the loan from the overdraft? Triton Credit want loan
  3. Hello Everyone, First of all, i would like to thank the guys who run this site for providing such a great place to to discuss about issues such as debts which effects people sometimes very badly. I have a Natwest loan of about 20k outstanding which i took out on january 2007. I also have overdrafts on my advantage gold which is about 2k outstanding. I have always maintened my payments on loan promptly since taking out for two years now. However, i am one of the unfortunate ones to have lost my job at the end of 2008 and could not make any further payments for a few months now.
  4. Can someone please calrify whether CCA's for Natwest Loans should be sent to local branch or a different address? Thanks
  5. Nice one Enron. I am just writing to OFT. A quick question - should the complaint letters to OFT, Finanical Ombudsman Service, etc.. be signed?
  6. Enron, i am really determined to make complaints now. I would like to know if there is any good template letters for making complaint to OFT, in order that they deal with it effectively. Also, Should i make complaints to FLA and FOS as advised in the letter that i received. Lastly, Any other body's that i can complain to? Citi are really trying to fool everyone and i think we should all give them a hard time as well. Citi should be looked into thoroughly the way they conduct their business. Any help/thoughts will be appreciated.
  7. Update ------ I have sent a letter in Dispute at the begining of march (with the help of folks here). today i have got a Response from Citi as shown below (sorry scanner not being nice to me) "Dear Edge I am writing in response to your letter dated 1st March 2009 regarding the information recently provided. Contrary to the assertions in that letter, the documents enclosed in response to your request constitued a copy of the executed agreement. This consisted of the current terms of your agreement as required by the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies of D
  8. Hello, I have sent an CCA request to Natwest on 9th February 2009 and did not hear anything within 12+2 days and then sent a dispute letter on 2nd March saying they are in default now and i will not be making any further payment until i received CCA. Then guess what, the following day, on 3rd march, i received a reponse saying they have misfiled the credit card agreement. Am i right in saying that if they misfiled then it is not enforceable? Below is a copy of the contents of the letter. " Dear Edge, I write with reference to your recent request under section 78 (1)
  9. Hi Maroondevo, Thanks for the prompt response, i will send it off tomorrow morning recorded. Its a really good thing to mention about the phone call bit at the bottom because RMA don't stop calling. Cheers
  10. Hello, I have sent an CCA request to MBNA on 4th February 2009 but still have not received anything therefore i believe they are in default now. After waiting for a month for CCA, i have sent a dispute letter on 3rd March saying they are in default now and i will not be making any further payment until i received CCA. Today i recevied a letter from RMA to collect payment on behalf of MBNA. Below is a copy of what it says on the letter. RMA have also been calling me on my mobile. "Dear Edge, MBNA have instructed us to contact you urgently to secure payment of the over
  11. Thanks all. SA - No, i did not send a SAR. Is it worth sending it now? Also, If i stop payment completely, would that effect my credit file?
  12. Hello, Im am new here, have read alot of threads, but cannot decide what i need to do therefore i need help. I requested a CCA and Citi have received with the following letter: Thank you for your recent request for information. We regret to inform you that section 78 CCA 1974 does not require CitiFinancial to provide you with a copy of the executed agreement as you appear to believe. It requires CitiFinancial to provide you with a "copy of the executed agreement" as defined by the consumer credit (cancellation notices and copies of documents) Regulations 1983. The obligation to
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