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  1. im sick of this company. originally the debt was with debenhams and then the next thing is i have court papers issued from northampton. with 50.00 in charges for taking the debt on. cl lewis and howard cohen are the same group so i found out just in different room. on one of the accounts i had a card come through the post with hand written envelope saying they were going to send the baliffs round, i panicked and landed up paying all monies owed (now realise i paid well over what original debt was) , i have had the same thing happen on my husbands account, however i not even in arrears with then, i have today sent the card back and asked them to inform me of why they sending round baliffs round when i have had no communication from them, i now realise i was stupid in paying off other card. has any one had same thing and had charges refunded/ what shall i do now. most of the 200 debt is there charges any way. help!!!!!. 2. did debenhams really have to inform me of passing the debt on do any one know on that?
  2. yeh thanks for that but wot diff would that make . i do have statements showing wot they should owe me but it the interest that i dispute as i was originally told it was interest free in the first year (comet salesman) the finance company say nothing of the sort. they also state they do not have to issue statements every month, they actually say when something has gone on ( but then they are at fault any way cos when i did put down a payment thinking i was clearing it off i still never had any statements. do you think i got a case?
  3. hi, just reading one of your posts and i see you won with littlewoods, how did you manage that as i been trying for ages and keep getting fobbed off, and other catalogues.
  4. thank you for replying but i have sent them letters and they keep saying i should deal with blemain, bkemian say i should deal with ocean. so going round in circles really. have u had n e thing like this
  5. hi, me again, i am trying to reclaim a mis sold ppi with blemain finance. i have written many letters one to ocean finance (who dealt with the actual sale) one from Bleamin (who loan was with) and premier writers who the insurance was with. I had a loan of 500.00 which was over 5 years but after the first 6 months of having come into a small bit of money decided to pay the loan off. unbenown to me the isnurance was still on going. i only found this out about 6 months ago when i was trying to get my premium back. they told me that i could not get it back, i said that my loan stopped over 2 years ago and they said tough luck but cant do any thing about it. I was under the impression that the insurance had stopped and that the money was in the figures given when given up the loan. if any thing had happened i would not ever contemplated going throuhg that insurance as it would of only been for the loan of which we di not have any more, surely this is wrong and should of been given back at the time. no one seems to admit to any thing so who really should i keep on at to get it back, ocean, blemain of premier writers? any way been in this situation?
  6. can any one tell me whether any one has had any moneys back from blemain finance. I took out a loan with ocean finance of which the lender was blemian finance and i am trying to get moneis back that they took off me for late payments etc etc. the reason late payments was i was in process of paying back the loan of which when getting mortgage took slightly longer than it should of done. blemain then got mONARCH RECOVERIES) PART OF THEIR GROUP) to take over collection of moneis. for them to do this they charged me £150.00. altogether they took out an amount of over 500.00 pounds. they did send me breakdown. they keep fobbing me off and saying that that is it and they wont refumnd any of my moneys. where can i complain to next. i have complained to f.o.s who have told me it is before their time? can any one help me please
  7. can any one help me as this has been ongoing for the last 5 years. i went to purchase a fridge freezer microwave and new cooker from comet and this time card was mentioned, as i knew i was getting some money back in about 3 months time i thought it would be a good idea to do it how the sales person said. i remember the conversation was yes you can pay it back when you get you monety as long as it is in the first year as the first year is interest free. unbenown to me when i had the first statement within 6 weeks it was from ge capital (had so many [probs with this company). after many phonecalls trying to get the total to pay off and no one helpinh me. no more statements were being sent i paid off what i thought i owed. I paid well over 500.00 and thought i would prob be in credit. unbenown to me they had put alot of late payments on there as i was a day out here and there on the first payments. anyway 2 years down the line i am sent a debtors letter saying i had to pay over 700.00 in interest. i have said to them that i paid the amount off within the first year and it was interest free if paid off. they told me that there was still an amount of about 47.00 outstanding, I said i had asked for my statements and they told me they did not have to send statements. so the 500.00 paid was all 24 monthly payments of which they tookl out of the 500.00 i put down. once that had been used then i had to carry on paying off the interest. cant quite work that one out. Is this right? can any one help me. i no it is a bit long winded. who is at fault here cos at the moment i am paying interest and not the goods. 737.98 in interest!!!
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