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  1. Thanks twofoot... That is winging its way to them now.
  2. About 7 days ago I received a "Notice of Default" from vodafone for an account I used to have. As far as i can remember this is for an unpaid bill of approx £80. I think i was out of contract at the time. I don't recall ever receiving a reminder and i forgot all about it. However the amount on the letter shows a debt of about £750 and i have no idea why it is that much. The letter doesn't look like a default notice but says if no payment received received in 7 days then DCA will be involved. Enter Fredricksons.. Letter received today demanding £850 Any ideas on a course of acti
  3. I don't now!! Thanks for the link... A very interesting read
  4. Thanks Cerberusalert, Those will be in the post Monday. I am curious as to why Allied International, BC&W, SC&M and 1st credit all gave up on this when all i did was ignore them. I am glad AI gave up though... They were particularly nasty to whoever answered the phone.. had me in tears on more than one occasion as they did my daughter who was 12 at the time.. caller id cured that!
  5. subbed.. The updates and outcome may be useful to me
  6. I have today received a letter stating NOTICE OF ACTION for a credit card debt of over 15k. The letter is from Credit Security LTD demanding full settlement within 7 days before they commence proceedings in the County Court. The original creditor is Lloyds TSB. Allied International were chasing this debt 2 yrs ago and then the letters and phonecalls just stopped. If I remember correct i think BC&W and 1st Credit have also chased me. The other letter is from a solicitors (Knipe Woodhouse-Smith) instructed by Credit Security giving formal notification of a count court claim that will
  7. Thanks Clemma! I will fire that off tomorrow morning and update here when i get a reply HTR
  8. I have received a letter from Robinson Way ref an old Next account. I'm not sure if they are acting on behalf of Next or whether they have purchased the debt although they are offering a discount for settlement. I'm not in a position to settle so should i ask them to refer it back to Next and try and come to an agreement? Apologies if this is in wrong forum,, I have posted in another area of CAG about other probs if anyone would like to advise... Not sure if thats in right area either!! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/getting-out-debt/186016-what-should-i-do.
  9. Ok..... I had a feeling things would hot up a bit given the current situation with our banks.. As previously stated, I got myself into a right mess a few years back and after seeking advice should really have declared bankruptcy. I have just concentrated on the priority debts ie: roof over head, c/tax and fuel bills.. which in themselves were massive but fortunately almost sorted. However... I have today received a letter stating "NOTICE OF ACTION" for a credit card debt of over 15k. The letter is from Credit Security LTD demanding full settlement within 7 days before they commence p
  10. Hi Wils, Thanks for your reply. I will send the letters off today and update when i receive a reply. As regards a debt becoming statute barred... Is this six years from the date of the original debt or from the date of default? Thanks HTR
  11. I found myself in a bit of a mess when my relationship brokedown a few years ago. At the time i approached the CCCS who basically advised me to declare bankruptcy. I never actually did this for one reason or another and instead did the daft thing of burying my head in the sand. The letters stopped as did the phone callls etc. I can't even remember who i owe what to... A Mess i know! However, I have today received 2 letters. One from Nelson guest solicitors threatening legal proceedings. They have been instructed by Wescot credit services but it says the client is Phoenix recoveries. I have n
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