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  1. My grandson was told by a solicitor to plead guilty to an offence which as far as I understand there was a lack of evidence.
  2. Help or advice needed please. My daughter moved house more than 6 years ago, she has recently started getting letters from Westcott for a debt owed to npower. She recently contacted (April/May)npower disputing the debt. She sent a statute barred letter to Wescott's, their response was as she had made communication the statute barred does not have any bearing on the debt.
  3. I cannot say that they do know her current address, all she keeps getting is letters from DCA'S. We have these letters going back two years.
  4. No she moved from the property that this refers to is 6 years+. Yes both letters do say our client.
  5. Apart from Debt Managers she was receiving letters from Wescot's the first being Nov 2016 the last Dec 2016 then letters from Debt Managers, so I assume that Wescot sold the debt on.
  6. I will answer your questions as best I can. She has not responded to any DCA'S letters. As for Npower marking her credit files I have no idea at this moment in time. She as far as I know not entered into any complaints procedure. It's about 5 years since she left Npower, it was one of those cold callers for Npower and she signed up with and took the bait. She has not written or made any contact with Npower, she did not think it would be worth it as they do not bother responding to any letters.
  7. Hi all, my daughter is getting harassed by Debt Managers (services)Ltd This issue with Npower has been going on for some years as my daughter disputed the amount owing and has asked Npower to prove the amount owing, she has requested this many times but Npower have never responded to her. She is now getting letters from debt companies, how should she respond.
  8. Thanks for your response,I will get my daughter to send the letter and wait and see what happens.
  9. Hi all, I would like some advice please on behalf of my daughter.She recently sent a CCA letter to the above company,she had a reply a few days ago but not a signed credit agreement. The letter reads as follows. Unfortunately we are unable to locate a copy of an executable agreement for your Choice account, but for your information we enclose a copy of the current agreement which applied to this type of account. This version includes all contractual variations which have taken place.The supplied agreement has no customer name or address and no signature.Is this a legal binding document that can be enforced.
  10. Andy,thanks for your reply nobody available at Environmental Health at weekends.Come Monday she will have been without heating and hot water for 9 days. Ian
  11. Hi all, I need some advice to try and advise my daughter on what to do about not having any heating or hot water in her private rented house for a week. She has been in touch with her landlady and asked for it to be sorted out only to be told that the plumber is on holiday for 2 weeks,her reply to that was that is not my problem I need my heating sorting out as I have a 6 yearl old son to think about. A so called plumber turned up on Tuesday and had not got a clue as to how to sort the problem out he took the boiler manual away and asked the landlady 2 days later to contact the company who installed the boiler to come out and fix it.Needless to say she did not bother,my daughter contacted her again and asked what she is doing about it only to be told that she could not get a plumber until Monday 15th March.She said to the landlady that that was not acceptable and I will get an emergency plumber out and deduct the cost from the rent to which the landlady replied you will not.The only form of heating my daughter has at the moment is an electric 3 bar fire in the front room which is very expensive,the rest of the house is very cold. What are her options bearing in mind that her landlady does not seem to care.
  12. Thanks for your reply,I will keep my eyes open.
  13. Thanks for that DX, also received a letter from them which I will also ignore. Ian
  14. Hi all,these people never give up infact I am getting very annoyed. Firstly some months ago I was receiving constant phone calls from them,I duly sent them the telephone harrassment letter to my amazement the calls stopped hooray. I then sent them the CCA letter 6 months ago to which they did not respond although they claimed via Horwich Farreley that they had sent a reply on 3rd June which I disputed and asked them to prove it again no response. About a week ago I had a phone call and without thinking I answered the call like you do and guess what it was Robinson Way so I politely asked them to contact me in writing and put the phone down on them,a week on and yet another call from them. What are the suggested steps I should take now with these people.
  15. My daughter has just recently had a change of circumstances. She is on income support she informed them of the change and has received a letter stating that her benefits had been suspended for up to 4 weeks whilst they sort it out. She has 2 children and her partner has recently moved in and is unemployed and is not in receipt of any benefits at the moment. Can they be left with nothing to live on whilst they sort her new claim out. She has contacted the DWP and has been told that there is nothing they can do until the claim is sorted out.
  16. Yes she did send the original copy,I will get her to send them the harrassment letter.
  17. Hi all, Help required regarding the above DCA. My daughter has received the following. NOTICE OF INTENDED LEGAL ACTION These people are acting on behalf of BCA (Book Club Association). Some 6 months ago my daughter purchased a book from the above which she duly paid for. Then 2 weeks later the same book arrived again, she phoned and told them that she had already purchased the book and they asked her to return it in the post to which she replied I am not going to pay the postage as it is your mistake. They Said that they would send a courier to collect it, which they did and the courier gave her a receipt for it. Some time later my daughter received a letter from BCA saying that they had not received the book, my daughter phoned them again and said that she had given the book to the courier to which they replied we need proof that you have returned it, she duly sent them the receipt that the courier had given her. She is now being harrassed by CCS Collect for £19.82. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.
  18. Yes Steve we do have a copy of the tenancy agreement. This is also another issue as the date of the original tenancy is different to the date that the DPS has on file.My daughter contacted the DPS and asked to have the details ammended and the reply she got was that she would have to supply them with a copy of the tenancy agreement which she did but they still refused to change the details even after seeing the agreement,that can't be right.
  19. I have told my daughter to stop sending letters to them,if she receives anymore I have asked her to let me see them.
  20. The latest letter my daughter has received from the cretins is as follows:- ARG Services is unable to supply us with information you have requested. A copy statement is only available showing the transaction you are refering to and you have already been sent a copy of this. The only copy of anything my daughter has received is a copy of her balance. I think she should now ignore them,what do you think. Ian
  21. Here is a further update to my daughters TDS claim. The Judge has not made a decision re the claim,what my daughter has received from the court is the LL Defence via her solicitor to the claim which reads as follows: 1. The claimant has failed to comply with part 8 and part 56 of the Civil Procedure Rules and the claim has been wrongly brought. 2. The defendant has complied with the provisions of Section 213 of the housing act 2004 by placing the deposit with the DPS and supplying the claimant with the prescribed information relating to it. 3. The defendant is not the person holding the deposit (no not now) and denies that she is liable to repay it. 4. Having complied with the provisions of the housing act 2004 (yes over 2 years late)the defendant denies that she is liable to pay any sum of money to the claimant. 5. If, which is denied, the defendant is liable to pay money to the claimant, the defendant denies that interest does not accrue under section 69 of the county courts act 1984 until payment is due and no payment is due under section 214 (4) of the housing act 2004 until the court makes an order. She has until the 9th November to respond to the court by completing An allocation questionnaire.
  22. Hi,the latest in this TDS claim is that the LL who has disputed the claim has on the 13th Oct paid the the deposit into the DPS so now the court has said that this is all ok and that my daughters claim is not valid. She has received a certificate from DPS but the dates on it are all incorrect re the date tenancy started and the amount of monthly rent payable. I am wondering what the next move will be in this case as it is getting a bit silly now.
  23. Hi all, I am asking a question on behalf of my daughter regarding the use of her Abbey debit card. I use a debit card myself and if I do not have the funds in my account then the card is declined. The case in respect of my daughter is that when she last used her debit card to make a purchase it was accepted it was only when she had a letter from Abbey saying that she was being charged £83 for going £3 overdrawn. When she phoned Abbey to query why the card was not declined she was told that some shops have a surplus (what on earth does that mean) having worked in retail myself for many years I have never heard of that one before,that is why the card was accepted apparently.Can anybody help please.
  24. I think my daughter intends to go all the way with this and has engaged a solicitor to act for her as she is entitled to legal aid. I cannot do it all for her as much as I would like to but my health will not allow me to.
  25. Hi KL, Further update to my daughters saga. Her deposit was registered with DPS online on 13/10/09 it cleared 17/10/09. She received a letter from DPS but the info is all incorrect. They have the following info start date of tenancy 01/01/08 incorrect date was 11/08/07 Deposit paid 01/01/08 Rental for property £520 per month should be £480. My daughter phoned them and they asked for a copy of the tenancy agreement and also said this looks like a court case. I do not know what this LL is trying to do. It looks like my daughter will need the help of a solicitor.What do you think KL.
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