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  1. Hi all, Hope you can help. I owe £9000.00 on a Halifax CC and have missed the last 3 payments ( £111.00 per month) because Im self employed and havent been getting paid. Ive been away for a couple of weeks and Halifax had left me a couple of messages by phone to get in touch. Last week they apparantley tried to collect the £333 in one dd and it was rejected. Ive today had a letter from Albion Collections demanding payment of the full £9000.00. I had intended to contact Halifax to pay the arrears of £340 odd and carry on as normal. Ive had no written warnings from Halifax,no default notice, just this demand for the full £9k. Ive heard Albion are part of Halifax anyway. Can they really demand full payment like this or is it a scare tactic? Any ideas? MakkaPakka
  2. Hi All Been away for Xmas so sorry for late reply,and thanks to you all for your helpful replies. UDS did indeed contact me - with a standard threatening letter. I called them to point out I had made eon an offer and would like to offer them the same.They say they too can only accept payments over 12 months and also insisted I had to pay them something today to start off. I said I couldnt give anything today and cant pay more than 20 per month,so they say that they will have to pass it over to a third party blah blah blah. Anyone have any more ideas? Cheers MP
  3. Hi all, Hope someone can give some advice re the following; I was an E-on dual fuel customer for about 18 months up until October this year. Id switched via uswitch and was offered a monthly plan of £71 per month. Around August this year they sent me a letter stating that due to increased costs on their part and increased usage on my part, my dd would now be £200 odd per month. I switched suppliers,and awaited their final bill. They have just sent me a note saying that in total I owe £500 plus. I emailed them to say that although i cant afford to pay the £500 immediately, I would like to honour the debt. As Im now paying a new supplier, I can only afford to commit to pay them back £20 a month, with extra interim payments as and when Im flush so thats what Ive offered. Ive had an email back saying thats a no go and that the minimum they will accept is £43/month for 12 months. They say that if I dont reach an agreement they will pass it over to a DCA. Any ideas? All replies gratefully received,thanks in advance.
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