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  1. They seem to just have my house number but they ring from different numbers. I've sent a harrasment letter to them. Thamks
  2. I've already complained to them but doesn't stop the calls to me.
  3. Still getting no where and now rbs are ringing me allday everyday for the money back
  4. Morning,ok I went to my bank and they still saying as I gave paydayuk my card details there is nothing i can do. I said about my account being minus pounds and they asked me to pay it off there and then but I refused too. They will only stop payments if it's like a mag subscription etc. Paydayuk have agreed on £40 a month for 6 months but then they want more so I told them £40 is all they will be getting so basically deal with it. I've changed my mobile number because they are still ringing me.
  5. Have re rung if I go into branch they might give me the money :o
  6. Morning, hope this is in the right place. A direct debit has gone out of my bank but I cancelled it last week. Natwest just said I would get the funds back tomorrow but online their site says I can get them paid back the same day. I said this to the man on the phone but he said he couldn't. The direct debit has wiped my little girls disability money and I need to pay her extra classes off today. Is there anything I can do. Thank you
  7. Ok, thank you, I'm going to print off the details to take in with me. Thanks so much for the help I will let you know what happens
  8. Said as it's not a mag subscription etc they will not do it. Also said as 1 payment went out before I got the agreed payment plan I owe it to the bank so I told them to swivel for it. My cards is stopped tho so I hope no more go out and I need to send them the payment plan details. Is it worth ringing paydayuk up or not
  9. Thanks had a read. On phone now but guy is not having any of it, said they can't stop it.
  10. Thanks as you can see I'm panicking here. My rbs is -£50 and I don't know what to do. Is there any template letters I could send to the bank, the lady basically said as I owe them money they can't do anything.
  11. Thank you, they said if I send in the payment schedule they might be able to get the money back but all I have so far is an email saying they will accept £40 a month and I'm awaiting their account details. This is with rbs and my running account is natwest so I'm worrying rbs might give them my natwest details so they can wipe my accout.
  12. Hi, I have a loan with paydayuk and I'm in the process of setting up a payment plan but I checked my old bank account where they had the bank card details and they took 2 payments out for £25 each making me overdrawn but I don't have an overdraft. Rung the bank and they said nothing they can do so I rung off and then re rung and cancelled the card. Will this stop them now or can they just keep getting money even tho there is nothing in there and my account is in minus pounds. Thank you
  13. I would like this answered too as Natwest have let some payments go to make me -£53 on a step account that has no overdraft
  14. Hi, have a basic step account with Natwest and gone into my account today and it says i'm -£53, i thought you couldn't have an overdraft on this account. Rung up and she said 2 companies have taken there money out from transactions i did on Saturday, told her that it goes from available balance once it's been made so how would i be overdrawn?She also said because i can't have an overdraft i shouldn't get charged anything and once funds go in (friday wages) they will take £53 from it.Anyone have any ideas on thisThanks
  15. know what you mean but they can't take what you havn't got. One of our debts is with studio they wanted £50 a month, after loads of threats about court to us they accepted £10 a month as they have no agreement so can't take us to court
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