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  1. I wrote to Jacobs and the Council, recorded delivery, expalined my mental health problems, financial situatuion and the intimidation that the bailiff had put me through, today I received a letter from Jacobs tellign me to get in touch with the bailiff concerned regarding my offer to pay by installments (which I didn't offer to them, I stated in the letter that I would pay the council) and a letter from the council saying that they have taken the debt back on the condition that I pay £40 per month, seeing as this is less than half of what Jacobs wanted I've started already! Moral of the story -
  2. Stardust_John, It's really good that you are on here and talking to people, the companies and even mental health proffesionals don't realise that the simple act of picking up the phone can lead you to terror. I know I've been there and still do when I know the conversation could be unpleasant and confrontational. Talking as the third person is a great idea, it keeps you one step removed and like letters gives you the chance to mull over what has been said and to then make a decision that is not based on panic, fear and just wanting to get the hell off the phone! If I have to speak to someone
  3. Thankyou, I have been on the CAG debt threads and recieved some useful information and assistance. I am going to try the CSA again, they called me on the telephone and told me that he could not be traced, the woman at the other end got a right earful (wasn't her fault though and I did appologise) as I had given them 3 phone numbers and where he worked and his parents address. The woman told me that they could not trace him and as such they were closing the case, I have the follow up letter, when I dig it out I'll say exactly what they said, but she told me that under the circs she was authoris
  4. He will not be without benefits for ever and I have no money but still have to pay my debts, I don't want it all now, just a little a week would help.
  5. I am currently up to my eyeballs in debt and need some advice on how to persue money that is owed to me from non paid child maintainence for years. I'm probably opening myself right up for people who are being chased by the CSA or courts for maintainence so perhaps if I explain. When I fell pregnant i had a good job, so did my partner. We had split up and I gave him the option, I told him that I didn't want to trap him and that if he wanted to walk away then I wouldn't stop him. That I would tell the child, in time who their father was and it would be up to them both if they wanted a relatio
  6. Dear all, If you are like me, you will have suffered from the mental health problems and associated debts. I suffer with depresson and anxiety and when finding it hard to make minimum payments and trying to talk to people on the phone I became tearful, panicky and sometimes aggressive, not swearing or anything but with an attitude that was not constructive to solving the problem. Once employees of a certain debt collection agency realised that I could be easily intimidated, they did their utmost to continue the intimidation and suggested loans and other equally un helpful solutions, they als
  7. Thankyou Oh Boy much appreciated and sorry about my posts being erratic it goes crazy sometimes
  8. Hi Oh Boy, Just wanted to ask something. I have had bailiffs delivered 24 hour notice yesterday I have written recorded delivery to the council and bailiffs saying that I do not have the lump sum or assetts worth the amount and that I am vulnerable due to being a single parent with mental health problems, and requested the council to take back the debt as dealing with the bailiffs (I asked and asked and asked to have my payments lowered and they flatly refused) is distressing me and has become intollerable, which it has. I text the bailiff who delivered the letters this morning telling hi
  9. Yes, I can stand and see who it is without being seen, he called twice and then I went out and there was a 24 notice when I returned a few hours later.
  10. I am recieving 25% single persons reduction on council tax. It's still nearly £100 pcm and I only missed 1 payment and I told them that I had been unable to work because my daughter was ill and I had lost a weeks wages. The council said that as I had gone not kept to the installments my 'right' to pay by them was removed and if full payment wasn't recieved in 14 day they would pass it onto the bailiffs. Which they have. What are the chances of them reffering me back to the council? I have asked to be regarded as a vulnerable debtor due to single parent status and mental illness.
  11. Gremlins again with the computer! Sorry! It is steam powered! They have never been in, I arranged the origional payments by phone and post and this is the first time i have had them at the door. They did try once and left me a 48hour notice but I had paid and had proof of payment so when I phoned them they tried the hard man tactics but when I said that I had paid via cheque (my mum sent the cheque and I paid her) and read the cheque number out they said it was a clerical error. So no they've never been in to levy goods.. The council are currently 'investigating' my claim for HB and CTB, and h
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