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  1. Hi Have taken your advise. Thanks for your replies this forum is so so great Everybody so helpfull and knowledgable. So if the keeper of the vehicle is the name on the Liabilty Order But is NOT the owner and this could be proved then they could not Levy on the vehicle Do Bailiffs work over Weekends does anybody No If a Liability Order has been issued including costs if you pay what Council Tax is owed and do not pay the Bailiffs charges can they still LEVY on goods and vehicles for the Bailiffs charges and Liabilty order costs Does any one know please Thanks
  2. Hi No the car is not registered at my address However if they have put a levy on the car would they have not left details through the letter box or will the case be that they would turn up at a later date and clamp or tow the car away interested to no now. I would also say that if they check re address through the DVLA most households have several cars these days and if they are in different names they would not be able to levy on car that is not in the name that the Liability order is in surly
  3. If I did have a car it would not be in somebody elses name am I right in saying that they would be unable to levey on the car in this case Thanks Sorry for the large print thought it would be easier
  4. Thanks for your reply have called council and they say that the costs are as follows: For a prev Liabilty Order that was sent for the same amount can this be?
  5. Hi All today a Bailiff had called leaving a letter saying a Liability Order had been sent to me in September 2010 which I DID NOT RECIEVE. The letter is headed name of County Council but is signed by A bailiff. I called the council as the bailiffs letter says that if I do not respond within 24 hours they will issue a summons to commit me to prison for non payment. They Gentleman in the Revenues Department said I would have to speak to the Bailiffs I said the Bailiffs are based in your Offices Oh well yes but they have nothing to do with us he says. to cut a long sorry short I find out that I only owed £64.33 relating to 12.7.2007 but with costs this amount has shot up to £279.04. My questions are 1: The Bailiffs seem to be the County Council if that is the case can they charge these charges 2: What charges are they Legally able to charge if any as they are the Council?. How much can they charge for the Liability Order which when I asked for a copy they are unable to produce niether can the court involved. I was also told that I could not pay the council direct I have to pay the Bailiff by ringing a mobile who will call again and collect the Cheque. ANOTHER CHARGE I SUPPOSE!!!. I am on Incapacitiy Benefit and have just had an operation and suffer from depression am I classed as "Vunerable" if so what can I do? Thanks
  6. Hi all I am in need of help with Halifax I requested a cca and they have sent me well one side says YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS and the other side of the paper says CREDIT CARD AGREEMENT It does have my signature and is dated 10/2007. Although there is no signature signed on behalf of the Royal Bank of Scotland What should I be looking for to see if the agreement is enforcable or unenforcable CAN ANY BODY ADVISE ME PLEASE Thanks a Million
  7. Hi Vicky So very sorry to hear about your problems I am sure that some one will come along soon who will be able to help you this site is great I had help and all got sorted. I am unable to give you any help with this one do not have the knowledge. so please do not give up hope. BEST TO START YOUR OWN THREAD GOOD ADVISE
  8. thanks Martin Where is the temp letter can you direct me please Thanks
  9. well I think I have down loaded ok this time:D thanks for your help dx I bet you were tearing your hair out with my ignorance !!! Hope you can help me XX PDFOnline co op 1.pdf PDFOnline co op 3.pdf PDFOnline co op 4.pdf
  10. Hi I want to down load my credit agreement so all can view from photo bucket can any one help please Is the service free? Thanks
  11. Hi I have the same agreement as yours with Allaince and leicester sent a cca request am trying to claim PPI back and see if agreement is legal Sorry I can not help you but I am sure some body will come along soon
  12. [/ATTACH] Hi YES I have managed to down load at last my egg Question form Thanks
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