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  1. Thank you guys, I still can't get my head around some of the things the judge came out with re not needing dn's at all, no need for noa's etc and accepting their pathetic ws but hey we got there in the end Thanks for the link foolishgirl, when I asked about costs it was mainly the court fees I was bothered about, I know I would have had to pay them if I had lost - just wondered if cohens have to pay them now that they have lost? I am perfectly happy to let the other costs go really - just glad to see the back of Cohens. I still haven't heard from the court so think a phone call to them
  2. Thanks donkey, I will post up what they have sent me in a tick, when you say not recoverable do you mean they can't claim from me or that I have to put a wasted cost order in? sorry this is my first court experience. Rainbow x
  3. Thanks fg, I did sit tight and I have now got a letter from Cohens saying that they are discontinuing the claim :-):-):-). I am so happy and could never have done this without all your help on here, a massive thank you to all. Do I need to do anything re court costs or will this be a bill that cohens now have to pick up? I haven't heard anything from the court just a letter from cohens. Thanks again Rainbow x
  4. Hi guys, just an update, I did receive the first court letter the day after I took into court but hey ho at least I had my stuff in by then anyway. The second has arrived today - would love to know what Cohens put in their letter to court and why I never received a copy! Just noticed the letter mentions the agreement dated 2010 Any advice on what to do next or just wait and see would be really helpful. Thank you Rainbow x
  5. Thank you both for your replies and thank you so much foolishgirl for making my ramble appear much more straightforward and easier to read . I will get it all sorted and take it into court tomorrow to make sure they receive it in time for Monday. I really hope all your hard work pays off and we can sink these clowns Thank you again Rainbow x
  6. Hi again guys, Having thought about what I have done up to now, I am struggling on the last paragraph as to what to close with or should I just leave it as is? Does anyone think it would be a good idea to include copies of case law with this submission as my judgle did not seem to know much about it although he claimed otherwise:( Thanks for any replies Rainbow x
  7. Right guys, this is what I have come up with so far, let me know what you think and please be gentle You may notice it contains a lot of your supplied threads for which I truly am thankful. Rainbow x Further to the hearing on at County Court C L Finance state on their witness statement that I entered into an agreement between myself and G E Capital Bank, this is untrue, the agreement clearly states that the agreement has nothing to do with G E Capital Bank, but, G E Consumer Consumer Credit Services. The
  8. Thanks for the replies, yes it is right he has told both of us to send in all details - no need to go back to court - he did stress to cohens sols though that they must send correspondance to both the court and me. I will have a go at drafting something in the next few days and will post up for you to have a look at/correct. Thanks again to all of you. Rainbow x
  9. Hi guys, thanks for sticking with me, I haven't done anything about this yet other than a lot of thinking - not that thinking about it has done much good :-| I have another week and a bit to go before I have to take anything back to the court, I have heard nothing at all from cohens surprise surprise. The judge did say he would look at both our paperwork and we would not need to attend again - he wanted to keep the costs down for cohens - he will make his decision and let us both know this by post. I feel hopeful that on the day he would not let cohens try and pull the wool over his eyes so
  10. foolishgirl, I think the reason he mentioned the 1983 regs was that capital bank and cohens/cl finance could not collect on the agreement if they hadn't actually got the right to do so. If I decide the agreement is between me and g e consumer credit which is what is states, then they do not have the correct paperwork in place to claim the debt as theirs. I think he would try to help them out as much as he can but he is struggling with the agreement being before the regs changed. Knowing cohens they are going to try and find a way of gelling the two together somehow As far as the numbers are
  11. Hi Guys and thank you for your replies so far, I am feeling a bit deflated today, it took a lot to stand up to them yesterday and for the judge to completely dismiss all my evidence was a bit of a slap in the face after all my and your hard work. I am under so much pressure with everything else here I was just hoping that this would be one less thing as it seemed such a good case against them. The copy of the agreement is on the first page of this thread, it does state the agreement if between ge consumer credit and myself, the problem came about as the judge spotted that the witness statem
  12. Well back from court and what an interesting couple of hours. Cohens solicitor did turn up so was prepared for a battle, she asked if she could talk to me prior to the hearing so I said yes, she said she just wanted to intoduce herself and tell me what would happen in the court room which she did, then she asked me if I had any questions for her - I just asked if she had brought the originals with her as asked for on the court order - she said no so I thought hey this is going my way so far. We went into court after being told the judge was going over the papers first, as soon as we went in,
  13. Foolish girl, I can't thank you enough for all the help and support you have given me on this case. I am now trying to get to grips with all the info you have supplied and hope I can do us both proud tomorrow - just wish I could go now and get it over with Thanks you again and I will let you know how I get on in the morning. Rainbow x
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