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  1. hi, just looking for a bit of advice, ive been on incapacity benefits for a few years after an accident suffer from chronic pain, basically house bound, i wont bore anybody with details, putting out the bin is a major expedition. anyway im in the back to work program ive got an appointment next month, it seems to me anyway absurd im in the back to work program not sure but from what i can see they have assesd me fit to work not sure really is this the case ? is there anything i can be doing appeals form filling in the mean time? i see countless horror stories of people havin
  2. i feell much better now ive have had a bit of sympathy thank you
  3. to whom it may concern thanks for selling my email address to those naughy ppi claims firms yesterday was a record 15 begging spam letters from ppi firms. :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: whoever did this horrible deed shame on you Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. hi yer great result, all i have is the original loan amounts from the sar, their not great amounts really, so i dont think i can do that think i will just accept their offer thank you
  5. wow, received a letter from Lloyds today, kind of knew what it was was expecting a flat refusal but hay presto 6 loans worth of ppi, 5.4k refund (even though I was only claiming for 5) 2 of the load they didn't have and details of amounts, they have awarded me 2 lots of 1200 Average compensation payout, now do I assume that these figures are correct? the figures show 8% up to todays date thank you
  6. sun bank now owned by the portman were the ones who miss sold my mortgage do i sar portman? this miss selling goes back to 2004ish, i have the policy number on the mortgage, what happens if i dont get any info on the sar regarding holding a mortgage with them will it be a lost cause? thanks
  7. im absolutely fuming, ive been miss sold again, first 5 bank loans, now my mortgage thank you consumer forums
  8. hi, i once had a mortgage with ppi i want to be sure i wasnt miss sold ppi, is there a list somewhere of reasons / examples where one could be miss sold ppi ? thank you
  9. hi woodyt just wondering how you were miss sold ppi on your mortgage? i once had a mortgage with ppi maby i was missold ppi?:wink:(wink wink smiles)
  10. i cant really remember, i will try and find the letter from what i remember said said something like this..... dear sir we didnt sell ppi here is your cheque now bugger off and dont even think about it. yours sunlife edit 5 mins later, just found the letter, they are asking for id to proof of identity, and on the bottom line a note saying.... PLEASE NOTE, if your request is for the purpose of making a complaint regarding ppi sun life have never sold ppi policies i find that really strange because the advisor was from sunlife ?
  11. hi im not really sure it wasnt a one off lump sum, dont think it was to other parties i had the same financial advisor from sun life arrange the loans every time had everything with them pensions, life cover, and ppi im sure it was with them.
  12. hi, after being missold ppi on my 5 last loans with loyds, currently going through at the moment fingers crossed, i was wondering if i could claim my miss sold mortgage protection that i have on my previous mortgages, with sun lift of canaida. i did sar them the same time as i did lloyds but they fobbed me off with the sar and sent back my cheque and even said in the letter that they never sold any ppi, very strange i was with them for many years and had protection on my mortgage. thank you
  13. hi just wondering if anybody could cast their beady eye over my complaint letter always good to get a second opion, im just awaiting my sar report from lloyds and a mortgage company sunlife of canada, so there may be other surprises awaiting me, im just putting a letter together stating my reasons i think i was mis sold ppi, just wondering if my reasons are strong enough to qualify to have been mis sold ppi? just really looking for reassurance to start claiming thank you ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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