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  1. As above. I have just had a similar issue. Pay your ebay invoice via paypal ASAP. Transcom will more than likely now try and chase you for a £16 administration fee for the pleasure of writing you a letter. I have literally just had the same problem. I was away and couldn't pay my ebay invoice within the allocated timescale, they passed to Transcom, I then paid eBay as soon as I could, but Transcom insisted I pay their £16 fee. I wrote them a letter and complained, and eventually they stopped calling me (it was everyday, sometimes twice a day and also at we
  2. See my thread, very similar issue: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?414361-Ebay-fees-paid-late-bully-boy-tactics-by-Transcom%281-Viewing%29-nbsp
  3. Thank you again. Stupidly it was the real reference, to be honest I didn't even consider that!
  4. Ok, so I have composed this letter. If you guys can let me know your thoughts I would appreciate it: RE: FORMAL COMPLAINT Dear Sir/Madam, Reference No: XXXXXXX I am writing in relation to the quantity and frequency of telephone calls that I have received from your company, which I deem to be personally harassing. I spoke with one of your operators last week and advised that any outstanding amount requested by eBay has been paid IN FULL and accepted. I have no contract with your Company, and therefore I acknowledge no debt to you whatsoever. However, I am still receiving phone calls an
  5. Should I mention in the letter that I have already paid ebay, and mention that I advised their operator of this already, or just make no reference to it whatsoever?
  6. I had a look at the harassment letters, they seem just the ticket, but I also need to say something about 'acknowledging no debt' as mentioned above, what do we think? Do I approach it as a 'Formal Complaint letter', or a 'Harassment Letter'?
  7. Another phone call received today (but not answered). This time I genuinely missed it!
  8. Many thanks guys. While I am reluctant to enter into correspondence with them, I would rather nip it in the bud with a letter now. It's the principle of the matter that annoys me too. These are the kind of companies that bully people into paying fictional invoices that they should not legally be obliged to pay. It amounts to robbery, and it's simply not right. Will download that letter from above and send it on and see what happens next....
  9. Ok, so I paid my recent ebay invoice late, and have since received a letter and numerous phone calls from a company called 'Transcom'. It transpires that these are the bully boy debt collectors that ebay pass your invoice to if you do not pay in good time (this is the first time I have paid it late in over 4 years of using ebay). Anyhow, that aside, I paid the invoice over Christmas but since received a letter from Transcom for the original amount plus their 'administration fee' of approximately £18 (for what - jokers). However, I had made payment to ebay for the full amount (less the
  10. Hi folks, I've been trying to go through the process of reclaiming my bank charges using the letter templates on here (the one's used before the banks won the trial cases) and I issued my 2nd letter requesting my charges back well over 14 days ago, and to date they've just ignored (presumably) my letter and not responded in any way at all. I have paid off my overdraft and closed the accounts too so i'm trying to get my money back retrospectively (I don't know whether or not this has any bearing on the proceedings). I also just found out today that I no longer have a job, so this money i
  11. Power to the people - down with the banks!
  12. Dude i'm in the same boat - just sent off my letter (mostly for DD charges the same as you) so I am expecting them to tell me to f... off given that they won the case today re; overdraft charges. I think this is a disgrace and basically just condones all their wicked ways all along, ie; putting the country into national debt, screwing joe public, then a year later they are back to business as usual with fat bonus's...they have completely undermined all of us. So dis-heartened that they won I don't expect to get my money back that's for sure...
  13. Pretty much all my charges were for bounced DD's and cheques etc, and after the news today and I just wasting my time? Or does that only apply to overdraft fees? The last thing I want is to be humilated and patronised by the banking firm I only sent the letter yesterday too...
  14. Also do I need to send copies of my statements with the letter at all, or just the letter detailing the charges? thanks.
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